Crypto Jokes #1 - The dumbest writer

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 18 Nov 2022

Int. Los Angeles- Night


Oswald ( around 50 years old) is a cinema director, and he has decided to hire a new story writer for his movie about conspiracies.

But he was only expecting dumb people not the dumbest person in the Earth is named: Paul (around 23 years old).

Oswald decided to speak for a row with 5 story writers about the last writer in the night.




  Ok everybody, I have heard many crazy stories but we need to hear the last story writer of the night.

Hey Paul, can you speak right here?


(The boy then approaches the audience, and Oswald).



Go here, and check the official script:!/v/joaolfsilva23/m5ysuph0k4q





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