Comparison between Fortress DAO, Spartacus, and InvictusDAO

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Whether in the technological or scientific area, blockchain technology is helping everyone; in this article, we will compare three projects; feel free to use critical thinking and judge which one is best for you.

 Fortress DAO

One of the best Dapps you will see, for many people, it is considered to be a hidden gem; who am I talking about? Fortress DAO.


What is Fortress DAO?




It is a blockchain fighting game, available on the Avalanche network with a great team on Discord and very well-written articles on Medium.

It's built with fork technology through the Olympus DAO.


How to earn some passive income with Fortress DAO?



To earn passive income with this Fortress DAO, you will need to add the Avalanche network to your Metamask wallet and buy the FORT token for passive income through staking or minting.


Who are the creators?



Unfortunately or fortunately, the project creators have decided to leave their profile pictures as game avatars creating anonymity. 


  • Some updates about the project:



To decrease the token's volatility to 0%: Fort.

Fortress DAO plans to team up with investment platform Fodl Finance to allocate 50% of its treasure to stablecoin USDC.

To be more objective, what will this change:

  • Less volatility
  • A good marketing strategy

  • Contact the team:






  • What is Spartacus Finance?



It is a DeFi 2.0 protocol created on The Fantom Network; it's an Olympus DAO fork with profitability of more than 3,000,000% per year. It is a tremendous annual passive income opportunity if you are a researcher of this type of opportunity.

Spartacus Finance attracts medium-sized, long- and even short-sized investors with pleasant rates, making your financial negotiations much more accessible.


  • What are the dynamics of this protocol?



They buy each user's digital assets and give you an additional fee after purchasing these assets through the website.

This provides a 25% return on your FTM purchased on the Fantom network.

Why do they do this? They have a treasure and with that treasure, they want a guarantee behind their tokens.


  • What are the risks?



As the profitability is around 15% after five days, however, as you receive this money through the application token, you will lose your money if the price fluctuates over these five days.

This protocol never went through any stressful moment; it is unpredictable what could happen if a crisis occurred in this token.

Contact Details








  • What is InvictusDAO?



It’s a OlympusDAO clone based in Ohm Fork technology, with great apy rewards through their stakings.

There are many possibilities to earn some good income per year through this Solana Network technology, but like all types of technology, it is necessary to study since nothing is guaranteed with these investments.

The project was launched in the earlier of october, 2021 and it’s becoming very popular by their enormous staking rewards.



  • Here are some data(all of these details are always rising): 


  • APY(Percentage per year): 66,292.608%


  • Market Cap: $225,596,148(it’s always rising)


  • $IN Price: $840,62


  • IN Staked: 82.68%


  • Portfolio: $0


  • Supply: 268,358


  • IN Staked: 82.68%


  • Opportunity for experienced traders



Yes, it's true only this fork project, and its official token ($IN) was able to transform its price from $300 to $700 for one night; however, it is necessary to do some research and read its official website before taking risks.


  • Contact Details: 





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