A woman received $10.000.000 but it was a mistake

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 3 Sep 2022



Imagine if you're trading your favorite coins in a Sunday morning, when suddenly...

You receive $10.000.000 in your trading balance, what do you do?

In this article, I will share with you the story of an Australian woman that received this same amount of money, but unfortunately for her, she has to send it to the real owner.


What's the story?


Thevamanogari Manivel has received from a good amount of money, and the cryptocurrency company is asking about the exact amount of money.

But here are more problems ahead for the life of this woman: She has used some part of her fortune by sharing gifts from her family, and other goods(she has used around U$ 1,35 million to buy two expensive luxurious houses).

And, yes I know what you're thinking dear reader: ''Why not me?'' well the good side is that you don't have to call during a judgment and lost all your money but this will happen to this woman(and if you're like that likes to send some good amount of money to a random address, please send some Bitcoin to the following address through Native network: 33CY5yxgihowCXj2aTT1AGxzBWfjNZabXG).


What do I think about this story? have the right to ask for a lawyer the same amount of money(and plus more as a bonus for let them wait for this transaction) but you can always follow some securities to avoid this kind of problem:

  • Always check the copied address, and if you are sending the coin to another node with the same network;
  • Always use cryptocurrency tools to see if the coin is a scam or not, avoiding some losses, examples: Token Sniffer, BSC Check, etc; 
  • Use a strong password to avoid being hacked;
  • Etc




Even famous Exchanges as Binance, Coinbase, must have to check their transactions before doing that, we are all humans and sometimes we made some mistakes, but the way we face these mistakes means everything.

Don't spend your time crying to sending for the wrong address, this is not your fault because we need to evolve as human beings and during this evolution we will always made some mistakes during that journey.


Happy day to you dear reader, God loves you :)

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