2023 - Stable Crypto Year, for: BTC, ETH, and DOGE!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 12 Jan 2023



Hello readers, how was the first weeks of 2023? I wish you always the best for you, and for your crypto profits.

I hope everything is fine, and safe with you, and your investments as well!

I have great news for you: This year it will be much better than before.

Don't you worry I'll explain everything here about my Crypto predictions, feel free to use and/or remove this article for your investment research.

Also remember, to buy some stocks(especially gold stocks), and try to use Interactive Brokers account to do that(research some Chinese stocks investments too).

People will buying more Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins waiting for the 2024 halving to selling at higher prices in the next year.


What is waiting for Bitcoin?


Like all the majority of investors, people knows that 2024 is the best year of crypto!

Why, am I saying that? That's simple!

During 4th march of 2024, we will see the ''Bitcoin Halving'', and what does it mean?

Well, my fast answer is that we will see many Bitcoins being mined, and the mining reward it will increase which means the price will skyrocket during the next year.

I highly recommend you buying some Bitcoins, but don't sell everything when the price goes up because the majjority of investors are expecting a major Recession coming in the world during the year.

Use DCA when the price falls down the resistance point, and only sell during the bull market.

You can also enjoy this opportunity to buy low, and sell only in the next 10 years to get a better income with Bitcoin.


What is waiting for Ethereum?


I don't like much about this coin because I think their gas fees will be the first opponent into cryptocurrency adoption in our modern society.

But I accept that Ethereum improves the way we think about blockchain technology by allowing users/investors to make NFT transactions in their blockchain using different marketplaces like OpenSea.

I think this it will be a good year for Ethereum too.

Many investors were thinking that ''The Merge'' thing could be deadly for the blockchain, and during the event the price goes down making many people angry at all.

But months passing by, and we're headed to the Bitcoin halving that it will push the price of all the other coins/tokens such as: Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and many others.


What is waiting for Doge?


Last but not least, I have to say certain words about Dogecoin that maybe schock some people here.

I don't think ''Twitter'' it will be a good thing for Dogecoin future.

Why? I think maybe the Dogecoin could be adopted on Twitter but at the moment Elon Musk it will release other payment method in the ''Payment section'' that has been recently available on the social media platform.

Dogecoin it will get you a good amount of money but I think you can make more money with the following coins/tokens:


  • Banano(feeless, and a good velocity);


  • Bonk(Do a ''day-trade'' with this one);


  • Dogechain( My recommendation is: 50% to Dogecoin, and 50% to Dogechain);


  • Helkin Prime(Buy low, and sell high);


  • Ampleforth(I think this it will be more stable in their price than USDT this year);




This it will be a good year to help Bitcoin/Crypto adoption but maybe some projects will died during the whole year.

Be careful, and do your own research before trusting in anybody of the cryptocurrency movement.

Remember to use this year to accumulate some Bitcoins for your future.


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