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A Cryptocurrency That Can Be Mined With a Arduino?

By Crypto And Pi | Crypto And Pi | 10 Feb 2022

Yes you read the title right. There is a cryptocurrency that can be mined with the arduino. This cryptocurrency is called Duino Coin or DUCO. Its a somewhat new cryptocurrency that operates on the ERC-20 chain. Its very easy to mine and I will tell you how to do that. 

A Little Info

The cryptocurrency duino coin was designed so that there would be low electricity costs and be eco friendly. Its very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is go to the website and click web wallet or get started make a wallet and then follow the next steps. 

Mining Duino Coin

If you want to mine duino coin you should not mine it with high end hardware. You want to mine it with low end hardware such as the arduino uno or raspberry pi pico. The reason for this is duino coin aims to be a eco-friendly cryptocurrency so they reward you with less crypto than you would get mining with a 5 dollar computer so that you dont use as much energy mining with a expensive pc. This is truly a great thing to do and you should give duino coin a look. The steps to mining duino coin are fairly simple. Download their repo which you can do right here. Then install arduino which I will have a article on my site for and setup your arduino with the program. Once your arduino has the mining program installed launch the avr miner program and watch yourself mine duino coin on a small board that uses pretty much no electricity. And if you want to take this even further you can setup a standalone mining rig which can be found in there getting started page.

Mining on a raspberry pi? The setup is simple. Use the following command and it will install everything for you. 

sudo chmod a+x

Let me know how this script worked for you because I am trying to add it to the official duino coin repository for everyone to use too.

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Crypto And Pi
Crypto And Pi

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