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Crypto market analysis on current situation about top movers and losers. What I did and what can you do?

By Jreck | Cryptoanalysisadept | 1 Feb 2021

Today's crypto analysis is a good one with XRP's rise to 90 percent in a week. It is really good that I bought xrp when it was low and now I got profit of 0.25 dollar per xrp.

Were you one amongst those lucky people? Comment down.

Now, for the coins which rises really high, actually 10 times the yesterday's price. I really bought the coin and luckily according to my analysis it rose 10 times what I invested. However it was not more than 50 dollars in value. But still it was a really high profit. 

Milk2(milk2)- It is an erc20 token which is of course tradable on defi and I really did that. I basically swapped my eth to milk2 on uniswap. I did 6 days before the rise and I have just sold my coins and got on write about it. Has it ever happened to you, yes comment down. The official site is which is like uniswap and other defi swap platforms. But I don't swap here. They also have GitHub account so you can go through the source code. Well, I will bring such analysis to you so that you can make profit too. I know it is a bit late to say that you didn't make any action to it but I would try my best for your good. All of those suggestions are my own opinions and is left upto you to decide on it. Loss or profit is solely yours and should not be endorsed. The coin has a market cap of 692,727 dollars and trading volume is 2.24 million dollars. It is because of the increase in value. Circulating supply is 2.5 million/ 2.5 million. 

Image is given down for clear view.


Now for the loser.

GME( Game Stop Finance)- The loser for today's currents analysis is GME. A game typa finance. Well, I would never swap with such coin who has no data on market cap and circulating supply and note that anyone can create an erc20 and add liquidity and can be removed easily too. It has dropped down by 90 percent and the highest is 111 dollars and lowest is 5.74  dollar. Such a drastic drop. They have their website which is and also has a community on discord. You don't have to ask info as I have already done. If you do you are just wasting time and missing on the other profit making opportunities. They also have a GitHub account. Trading volume is 1 million dollars with max supply of 1 million coins. You can trade this on uniswap. You better see the image.


I would not recommend to buy but if you still want to it is your wish. You can. Now that I told you about these, I am going to write an article on XRP's rise. The reason behind it. It has risen by 122 percent in the last seven days. It is skyrocketing. Maybe it can also go to a bull run like bitcoin. What is your idea about that. Drop down the comment. 

Please comment on how and why would you love to buy any coin. It can help everyone. And I will also do that. I will give my trading skills to you. Stay tuned for that. Exclusively on this blog. 

Thank you for reading and I made a profit 580 dollars in 6 days. Really good profit. Going to have a party. Cheers guys. 

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