How to preserve capital in times of uncertainty

How to preserve capital in times of uncertainty

By Crypto4light | crypto4light | 25 Apr 2023

In a difficult and uncertain time, when the market is in free fall, bouncing back from time to time to eliminate short-sellers, and a war is going on outside the window of your country - the question of preserving your assets (or better - their multiplication) seems more relevant than ever.

Our team has prepared for you several examples of how, with the minimum possible risks, you can not lose on the fall in the cryptocurrency exchange rate and even earn while having free time.

Paid work from crypto project teams Work at companies engaged in the development of a blockchain startup is not limited to developers (developers of smart contracts, blockchain, etc.), but includes such positions as copywriter, community manager, marketer, etc.

There are many sites that exclusively offer jobs in the WEB-3 field, here are a few:




Most (if not all) of them allow you to work remotely, the only thing that is usually required of you is a basic level of English (spoken) + understanding of terms from the world of crypts (also in English).

If you can establish contact with the employer and reach an understanding of your responsibilities - that's great, get to work!

To do this, you should prepare your resume (CV), which will describe your skills and work experience. If you were engaged, for example, in the administration of some community on the topic of crypt - feel free to write it there, everything will agree.

Become a copy trader As everyone knows, the market always favors inexperienced players, but there are those who earn more than others or have more luck or certain insights from closed sources.

You can open the same trades as those who have a high PNL and are confident, or who have a larger wallet balance and risk a larger amount of money when opening a trade.

For this, you may need the following services:

Nansen DeBank Dextools Etherscan The first three services provide several utilities for quick insights into the market, that is, instead of you, they analyze many criteria that can affect the price of a particular asset (volume of transactions, number of active wallets, transfer of large sums on the exchange, etc.). The latter (Etherscan) allows you to track transactions on the ERC-20 network. There you can find wallets that have large balances and make frequent exchanges, then follow them!

As for exchanges, some of them already have copy trading functionality, while others are only testing. An example of a service that connects to Binance is

On this site, you can choose a trader by his name or PNL and start copying his trades, the service will deduct a certain percentage of the commission for the profit received:


Portfolio diversification into top protocols It's no secret that many protocols such as AAVE have already reached almost their historic lows, so it's time to buy tokens of promising projects. You can search for them by category, for example here: For this, you need to conduct your own research, important criteria when choosing an investment product can be:

Place on the market - is there a need for the technology of this protocol now Historical Peak Values - Whether the protocol token has had significant frequent drops or rises in the past Team activity in social networks Regularity of updates and reporting

Airdrops are an opportunity to win a small (and sometimes large) amount of tokens for a project that wants to attract attention and a new audience.

Airdrops are organized both by new projects on the market and by older ones that want to be mentioned.

You can search for such airdrops on the following resources: On some of these resources, you can also filter these drops by rating, date, or other criteria.


The conditions of participation are important - look carefully at what is required of you to become a participant in the drop, as well as how many "competitors" you have. Obviously, the probability of getting a drop on one account when there are 100,000 others participating besides you is quite small. Therefore, we either create multi-accas, or we look for less popular drops, but the price per token there can be small, the "golden mean" is important here.


Do not doubt that if you make this your occupation permanent or even do it in a working format - there is a high probability of receiving regular drops from projects. And if you make several accounts, the probability will increase several times!

Staking to avoid losses At the moment, there are many questions related to the assets that were purchased on the hay, and now it will be extremely painful to fix the loss. One option would be to transfer all funds from riskier assets to less risky ones.

The second option will be staking. We have been waiting for the release of ETH 2.0 for quite some time now. The Binance exchange provides an opportunity to stake your Ethereum until the launch of ETH 2.0 and receive rewards accordingly. Binance also has fixed staking of other coins. However, staking is not limited to Binance, there are also other services where it is possible.

At the moment, 47 pools are available, where you can choose the most favorable % and staking conditions for you. You will also be charged ALPACA tokens for this.


On the Biswap platform, it is also possible to throw tokens into staking, but pay attention to whether you will pour into a fixed (no floating %) or a farm from where you can withdraw funds at any time.

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