Tipping Record

Tipping Record

By CryptoGameTheory | Crypto4Friends | 21 Jul 2020

Are you here for tipping and you love it? :) Lets beat the record of tipping!

This is a quick-post for tipping and an experiment: tip and link your best article on the comments and I would add it below, progressively, so that the first ones would have more visibility. If it works, it could be a good chance to increase our communities! 

Don't take it seriously! Have fun! 



List of Super Tippers:


Bonsoir my friend! I'm a crypto enthusiast since 2016. In these years I've accumulated a lot of information, I just want to build a path with the most relevant things to know in the crypto space, to help others earning crypto, protect capital and become independent! I have a lot of things in mind for the future. The final purpose is to have a better world. If you share some of my values, please consider to support me, I work independently.

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