Leo at 0.60$ And Hive At 0.15$. Today Was A Good Day. :D

By Zemiatin | crypto1 | 3 Feb 2021


It's been a pretty awesome day today in terms of crypto. Leo is at almost 0.60$ and Hive really close to 0.15$. My Leo Power worth is above 600$ for the first time ever which feels really nice.



I do hope the time for Hive has come. I feel it is so undervalued at the moment. While a lot more other coins had an amazing 2021, we struggled at 0.11-0.12-0.13$ for quite some time. I am happy to see us at 0.15$ but I definitely think that we should be much higher than that. Hope we will reach 0.20$ and above soon.

As for LEO? Leo just keeps on crushing like always. :D 1$ Value soon? Let's gooo!

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