LeoBridge - a step in the right direction - what about bridging EOS tokens?

LeoBridge - a step in the right direction - what about bridging EOS tokens?

By ervin-lemark | Crypto World News | 22 Mar 2021


Borrowed from @cubfinance docs pages.

It will be nice to connect Ethereum tokens world with BSC tokens. Yet, for me ETH tokens are worthless. It's personal yet I might not be alone with this sentiment.

When we are talking about bridges - there is Binance Bridge already connecting several networks and doing quite well - I want to share a story of a couple of days ago. It goes like this ...

Manually bridging #WAX to CubFinance

I had some spare $WAX and decided to invest them on Cubfinance, Why would I do that? Let's call it an exercise. I simply wanted to know how many hops will be needed. The answer was eight, at least.

  1. transfer $WAXP from my wax.bloks.io wallet to Bittrex
  2. sell $WAXP to $BTC
  3. transfer $BTC to Binance
  4. sell $BTC to $BNB
  5. transfer $BNB to my BSC wallet - now we entered CubFinance territory
  6. sell some $BNB to $BUSD
  7. sell the rest of $BNB to $CUB
  8. buy LP for $CUB $BUSD pair

Along with an additional $DEC transfer directly from @splinterlands into my BSC wallet and adding to the liquidity of both CUB-BUSD LP and DEC-BUSD LP there were:

  • 9 transactions on 3 chains and 2 exchanges
  • 2 stakes
  • I don't know how many fees

Yes, a bridge would be very nice, thank you :)

I realize that without $LEO based token in the EOS ecosystem the @leofinance team has no motivation to create this bridge. Yet, i remain an optimist. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Better and better

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