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Hive-Engine Witness Application

By ervin-lemark | Crypto World News | 9 Feb 2021


Dear friends,

hereby I apply for your support for the Hive-Engine witness.

During the weekend I had a long and intense conversation with the Hive-Engine Witness node in the making. I am so happy to announce that the beasty is up and running and signing blocks already.

Here is the proof as seen on HIVE Monitor by @primersion, which was beautifully upgraded moments ago:

Setting up a witness node was a great learning experience. My rusty Linux sysadmin skills are beginning to awaken and tinkering with things in the shell is fun again. Anyway, I digress.

Why vote for my witness?

My core values are:

  • Transparency
  • Proactivity
  • Empathy

I hope you will feel the transparency throughout this application, in my words, and in my deeds.

I proactively deal with issues and situations and act on them to have a beneficial outcome for everybody involved.

I feel your needs, goals, expectations. I strive to enable and support you to achieve them.

I've been an active member of Steem/Hive community for a long time. Coming this May it will be five interesting and never boring years. I thank you for a great journey so far.

I am active or supportive in several niche communities like @actifit@runningproject@skatehive@exhaust@hodlcommunity.

Is playing Hive-Engine based games a show of support too? Then count me in for @cryptobrewmaster@risingstar@rabona, ... :)

I wish to contribute to the platform and the community.

Being a Hive-Engine Witness is an opportunity to empower and support the decentralization of governance and distribution of the workload. It's an act of long-term engagement.

I will help and support the platform by providing accurate witness services. In fact, I am already providing them.

How to vote for my witness?

First of all, the tokens to vote with are WORKERBEEs. You need to have them staked for your vote to have any influence.

Then you head to the TribalDEX site, log in, and cast up to thirty votes.

Both on TribalDEX and on HIVE Monitor you can follow the performance of registered witnesses.

Thank you for visiting these sites and casting your votes, on behalf of all vote-receivers.

Future tasks as a witness

  • maintaining the node server and software, upgrading it regularly,
  • taking part in governance and working toward common goals,
  • helping future witness node owners with experience gained so far,
  • promoting Hive, Hive-Engine, initiatives, projects and dApps within the ecosystem and on other media channels,
  • reporting regularly on the state of my witness node.

Witness node configuration

Remember the part about transparency? Here it is in action.

Leased VPS server: Time4VPS, Lithuania (referral link)
Configuration: Linux 8

  • CPU 2 x 2.6 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 80 GB SSD storage
  • 8 TB Bandwith
  • price: 50 € without VAT for the first year, 100 € afterward


  • Ubuntu 20.04 (64-bit)
  • Hive-Engine node: v1.2.0

I would love when other witnesses, both Hive and Hive-Engine would publish their configurations so we can compare them. Pesky details like hardware, prices, location, ... are important.


There is an ongoing series about how I set up the system. The final chapter with tips and tricks is yet to be written.

These great resources helped me a lot:

I need to mention the official launch announcement and documentation too, of course, prepared by @eonwarped:

Kudos and acknowledgments

Many thanks to following great people providing their expertise, experience, and support. Both in the form of tutorials and articles, and with direct help in Discord.

@primersion@rishi556@eturnerx@bala41288@rollie1212@blervin@eonwarped@mcfarhat@cervisia@forkyw, ...

You all rock!

Many thanks to those who have already voted for my witness. I will fulfill your trust.

Final words

It has been a long weekend and Monday behind the computer. Now, when everything is running smoothly, it is time to be grateful and enjoy the occasion.

I wish you all a great time on this journey. Thank you!

Better and better

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Husband, father, dog person, recreational runner, loves to travel, IT pro. Fascinated by old and new, from Oracle to blockchain and everything in between.

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