Unboxing my Little Box of Horrors

Unboxing my Little Box of Horrors


The suspense is now gone. It has been for a few days but I didn’t have the time to write about it. So finally, My Little Box of Horrors was opened. Unlike game packs of cards from games like Tribal Books or Alien Worlds, there was no opening process. Instead, as the box description stated, the owner of the box would receive a surprise on Christmas evening. And what a surprise it was.

Some very cool and rare NFTs. If you do not know what is an NFT you can have a look at my article An explanation of NFTs.

So where is the Christmas present from?

This box was won from UltraHorrors/UltraRare Twitter. It was given away for Christmas to 25 lucky people who took the time to retweet, like, and tag some people on the contest tweet. Well worth it, they have amazing art and an awesome growing community. And their NFTs are very good, well done, polished, and very cool looking. You can learn more about Little Horrors and Ultrarare in my article bout them here:
What and who are UltraRare and UltraHorrors

What’s in the box or down to the goodies.

Even though I did not get any #1 mint, I am super happy and thrilled with what I got. That is because everything that came into that box has a very low mint count. This means that the item that was issued the most has only 25 copies of it. This is the exact number of boxes that were given away. Some like the pins are numbered out of 12. Which is very very low in the NFT world.


  • A pack of The Horrors - Crisps 8/25
  • A bottle of The Horrors - Blood 21/25
  • An Ultra Rare - Scarlet pin 3/12
  • A The Horrors - Green pin 6/12
  • A Redcap T-Shirt 14/25
  • The Horrors Socks 19/25
  • A Severed Head 21/25
  • And a special edition Bloodsoaked Jason Michaels - Guest card 10/12

Of course, the best is the special issued card with a new variant. A bloodsoaked one!

And here it is:


#10 of 12 of Bloodsoaked Jason Michaels - Guest card


If you like what you see, you can follow Ultrarare on these platforms:

Web http://www.ultrarare.uk

Twitter https://twitter.com/UltraRareUK

Instagram https://instagram.com/ultrarareuk

Telegram https://t.co/EWXk2Q8jg6

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