Tribal Books is coming out soon and you still have a chance to win some NFTs


Tribal Books is a brand new free to play card game from the producers of Prospectors. One of the most popular games on EOSIO and WAX. In fact, Tribal Books is running on WAX which makes it very easy to buy and sell cards and assets out of the game. It also has very interesting play mechanics and even a way to burn NFTs to earn “Mana” which can be used to buy other uniques and exclusive cards. It is also considered a play to earn game. Everyone has a chance to move into higher tiers and earn better cards just by playing.

Prizes from the Tribal Books quests

So a chance at what you might be wondering?

A chance to win some rare or even unique in-game NFTs. At this moment just ahead of their presale schedule for the 12th they are running a contest in the form of a treasure hunt. Common, rare, and epic cards are in the prizes as well as rare books. But the most sought after are unique Atlantis books minted just for the event that will be handed to 5 lucky winners.

Tribal Books cards

Their very special contest

The contest is also unique as it requires participants to hunt for clues through all their promotional material. It is also very hard as it requires a lot of observation and patience. Some clues are also given through email for subscribers and in their telegram group.

Hurry up! If you want to take part, do it now before it is too late.

You can get more info about this contest on the Tribal Books quest page here.

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