The sacred fire of Tribal Books will burn all unsold packs


Tomorrow or in less than 12 hours, the sacred fire will be lit. In an old-time sacred ritual, it will be on to burn all the unsold packs of the first edition of Tribal Books. The 1st edition packs have been on sale from the 12 of November and it will end on the 4th of December with all the packs left being destroyed.

What does burning means?

Of course, it means that it is the last chance to get your hands on the packs that are left. But it is also meant to increase the rarity of the cards from the first edition. It is already a small amount compared to other NFTs collections and games. This will increased rarity and value for those already committed to the game and who possess cards. 

Why is it very interesting to get some of the 1st edition cards?

These cards have a very limited supply. They will be very rare later on from both a collector and player point of view. As it is right now it could even be possible that some cards never get published and unpacked or that they become unique meaning there could be only 1 copy of it minted as 1 of 1 for Mythic and Epic collections.

Another interesting aspect is that with these cards people will be able to stake their Tribal Books NFTs for some bonuses later. Players or collectors who own complete collections will get even more return from staking them. Who knows there might also be a renting system further down the line as the game evolve.

What if I am too late or couldn’t get any now?


If you are late there are likely some second market packs you can buy on marketplaces like the WAX AtomicHub from Atomic Assets. The game still hasn’t launched yet and you do not need to worry as it will be a free to play game. They plan to offer basic free starter decks. If you want to learn more about this upcoming game make sure to subscribe and or follow me. I will write a more detailed article about Tribal Books game mechanics soon.

You can visit the page here if you want to buy a pack directly from their website. The only currency accepted for the packs is WAX so make sure to stock up before you go.

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