Gemini for Brave BAT is HERE! - [ FULL TUTORIAL ]
Gemini for Brave BAT Rewards

Gemini for Brave BAT is HERE! - [ FULL TUTORIAL ]

By Crypto Wombat | Crypto Wombat | 31 Aug 2021

The Wait is Over!!!!

The long-awaited Gemini wallet for Brave BAT rewards is finally available in all versions of Brave! For those tired of using Uphold or constantly transferring their crypto out of Uphold this is a huge time saver! Here's how to get started:

Should I Unlink Uphold?

Currently you can link up to 4 Brave profiles across devices for Uphold and 4 for Gemini (8 total). There is no way to unlink these currently (Brave will have this feature in the future), so if you have more devices / profiles than 4 or even want to use up to 8 profiles, you would be best off keeping your Uphold linked profiles and linking up to 4 new profiles to Gemini. If you only plan on using 4 or fewer profiles, then unlink and link to Gemini.

Gemini Setup Guide

1. Ensure your Brave browser is up to date by going to "Settings" > "About Brave". If an update is required, it will start downloading and installing in the background. ( 1.29 + is required for the Gemini Wallet feature).


2. Press the Brave Rewards BAT menu, and press "Verify Wallet

Note: If you're currently linked to Uphold, you'll need to click the Uphold icon, Disconnect your account browser first. The Verify Wallet button will not appear so instead go to brave://rewards/#verify to access the verify screen.

ebf6500cb5cb81e3978273182bf90f8806d6479a08a06585d5febff3c468929d.png3. Continue through the setup wizard.


4. Choose the Gemini wallet option.


5. Sign in and connect your Gemini Wallet or Sign up if you don't have a Gemini account yet.

Note: If you are creating a new Gemini account, you can get some bonus crypto with one of these links:

6. Press Allow to connect Gemini to your account.


7. That's it! Now your Brave BAT Rewards will get deposited directly into your Gemini account every month! If you have any existing funds in your unverified wallet, they will transfer to your Gemini balance in under an hour.


Pro Tip:

If you want to earn some passive income on your BAT in Gemini, simply go to the Earn tab and transfer your BAT Balance to start earning 3.49% APY on your BAT.


Happy Earning BAT People! 🦇

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Crypto Wombat

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Crypto Wombat
Crypto Wombat

Just a Wombat in the Crypto Multiverse

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