The New Financial World Order

By Crypto Wisdom | Crypto wisdom | 21 May 2023

The world is fast changing, with the threat of the US dollar no longer being the worlds reserve currency and the BRICS countries joining forces to trade off the American dollar, it is evident that we are on the brink of real change in the global financial order. 

History has shown that the transfer of power is inevitable, unfortunately it usually comes through conflict and chaos, there definitely is the possibility of the United States getting through this rough patch retaining its status, which is definitely what Americans want and probably what’s safest for the entire western society, however this would require full attention of those in office, quick decisive and strong action to be taken, in order to ensure the financial security of the future. 

In either scenario cryptocurrency can play a vital role. It definitely seems like a good choice for an international or even global currency. Additionally any shaking up of the current financial system (if it does not bring the collapse of crypto) will likely have investors looking toward crypto.

If America manages to retain its status and the dollar as the world reserve currency, it too would need to transfer over to the world of digital currency, where the world of cryptocurrencies has the huge advantage of time and experience and it is almost certain that the United States government would incorporate or use some of the existing companies which would then legitimize the industry. 

What is however still of great concern is how the SEC refuses to set guidelines for the industry and instead continues its relentless hunt of suing crypto companies firms exchanges and platforms, with no indication of slowing down on this destructive path, clearly with the intent of completely destroying the entire crypto industry.

To that we say recognize the threats against the current financial system, see their causes and work to restore them instead of letting out your anger on what may very well be the solution.


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