KuCoin Introduces Zero-Fees for Trading BTC and ETH

KuCoin Introduces Zero-Fees for Trading BTC and ETH

By KuCoin Blog | Crypto Weekly Roundup | 13 Oct 2022

KuCoin Introduces Zero-Fees for Trading BTC and ETH

As we celebrate KuCoin’s fifth anniversary, we are removing trading fees on nine popular BTC and ETH spot trading pairs. The limited-time offer of zero KuCoin fees will give our users an exciting opportunity to trade more, earn more, and have more fun on our platform.

Trade BTC and ETH with ZERO FEES now. Try the limited-time offer here. 

As the People’s Exchange, we’re loved by our users worldwide for our highly competitive transaction fees on our wide range of products and offerings. We’re the best in the market for finding the next crypto gem. 

By giving you a chance to enjoy zero-commission trading, we hope you will fall in love with crypto trading and enjoy your journey as a crypto trader. For newbies considering entering this space and experienced traders, the limited-time zero-fee trading offer is a great time to trade crypto without worrying about high expenses and hidden fees. 

More Details on KuCoin’s Zero Trading Fee Offer 

We want you to join us as we celebrate turning five by making the most of our zero-fee offer, which will run from 2022/10/12 at 10:00:00 until 2022/10/19 at 10:00:00 (UTC). During this period, you can trade the following spot pairs by paying zero fees: BTC/USDT,  BTC/USDC,  BTC/TUSD,  BTC/DAI,  ETH/USDT,  ETH/USDC,  ETH/TUSD,  ETH/DAI, and  ETH/BTC. This offer is also extended to our KuCoin spot grid trading bot users during this time. 

0-Fee Trading: Our Thank You to the KuCoin Community 

Over the past few years, we’ve all witnessed the tremendous growth of the crypto market. Through the ups and downs, bull and bear cycles, and the rising adoption of digital assets by traders worldwide, we at KuCoin have managed to grow and offer the best possible service to our users. 

Over the five years since our launch, KuCoin has offered more than 700 cryptocurrency pairs for trading, servicing over 20 million users across over 200 countries, and expanded our communities to 23 localized regions and 22 languages, rising to the top five trading platforms globally. This has only been possible with the support and faith you have extended in our platform. 

KuCoin Introduces Zero-Fees for Trading BTC and ETH

You have helped us jump into the top 3 trading platforms on CoinGecko in terms of trading volume. As a user-centric exchange, we aim to provide the most comfortable trading experience to our users and the KuCoin community, complete with best-in-class services and deep liquidity. 

Our limited-time offer for trading without maker and taker fees is a small way to extend our gratitude for this show of faith and love from you, our dear users. Your belief in us has helped us become one of the world's most well-established and top cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Enjoy Trading Cryptos Without Fees or Charges 

Experience the ease and convenience of trading cryptocurrencies on the KuCoin platform, and pay no trading fees during this special offer. Enjoy placing as many trades, improve your trading skills, benefit from our deep liquidity on leading crypto pairs, and gain more access to the market with a zero flat fee. 

Here’s what you stand to gain from trading cryptocurrencies with zero fees: 

Deep Liquidity 

Waiving off trading fees encourages more users to trade the popular cryptocurrency assets by trading volume on our platform, immensely improving their liquidity and trading volumes. This translates to faster market orders or limit orders for you and better cost efficiency from trading cryptos without fees. 

Buying BTC and ETH Become More Accessible 

Owning BTC and ETH becomes more affordable by paying no trading fees during this offer. It’s a great way to encourage even smaller crypto traders with limited capital to enter the world of crypto trading. With no extra fees, you can focus your entire capital on buying and trading the BTC and ETH spot pairs during this time. 

Improve Your Expertise 

Place as many trades as you want when you have to pay no trading fees. Experiment with trade ideas and gain expertise in trading crypto. This will make you more confident and increase your chances of successful trades. 

Our offer to waive off trading fees benefits you by making you a better trader and gives you cost efficiencies, deeper liquidity, and an improved trading experience overall. Buy stablecoins on KuCoin using over 70 payment methods across more than 40 fiat currencies via our Fast Trade service. We also let you buy Ethereum and Bitcoin using your existing digital currencies. 

Start your journey on KuCoin Spot Trading by paying zero trading fees on popular BTC and ETH pairs. Get the hang of the market and then explore our other offerings to become an expert crypto trader with KuCoin. 

Make KuCoin Your Home For Trading Crypto 

Our users have shown us much love and support over the past five years. It keeps us going and wants us to get better, do better, and offer you more innovative experiences. If you’re not yet a KuCoin user, sign up now and make the most of this zero-commission trading offer to learn why our users love us so much. 

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