Downsides of Crypto, compared to cash. vol. 1
Bitcoin or Dollars?

Downsides of Crypto, compared to cash. vol. 1

By fa113nstar | Crypto vs. Cash | 6 Mar 2020

Hello Community,

This is my first post to PublishOX and I plan to post weekly in regards to the Ups and downs of crypto as currency vs. Fiat currency. 

Let me start by saying I am 100% behind and back many crypto coins and tokens, i have had a great adventure over the years trying to navigate the market and make a dollar in the process.

With that being said, I am a small business owner and deal with transactions on a daily basis. These transactions range from cash, check, credit, debit, PayPal, crypto, and even barter system comes into play almost daily. 

Currently the most favored form of payment is debit or credit card, obviously for its convince and ease of use. The user is protected and has recourse if something goes wrong. They can call customer service and get resolution in some form. Customer service is an element that is not present in the crypto world, in the sense that most customers are used to like their banks (common consumers). I have had coins just up and disappear or been locked out of my own wallets (referencing IOTA). That leaves little recourse when something goes wrong, other then an email and waiting.

  • Who do you call when something goes wrong? the exchange? the wallet app? your local super hero?

This is a question to ask as we move toward and hope for mass adoption.

  • decentralized is a great concept, but a ship without a captain goes no where. 

giving the power to vote to the users is great too, but with out a unified direction, how can this remain a safe vehicle for your hard earned money?

  • Too many cooks in the kitchen and nothing gets done.


I am open for discussion and would love to see the communities thoughts on this.

-Alan B.


on my next post we will bring up the topic of mass adoption, and how a majority of countries don't even have reliable access to the crypto markets.


Looking to share knowledge, Ideas, and Thoughts on Crypto, Cash, and Investing. I want to insight conversation amongst our community. And earn some Coins along the way!

Crypto vs. Cash
Crypto vs. Cash

I aim to explore and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of crypto vs. fiat currency in the United States business economy and world economy.

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