Celsius Network: functionalities that we should have (and we do not, for now)

By Senzacervello | Crypto Vagabond | 12 Aug 2020

In my previous post about Celsius Network, I have been giving a general overview of the app, especially about the “risk profiles” that could be best fitting to the user attitude. The app provides a lot of possible combination and it is a great app, but it has yet a great space to improve and extend the number of functionalities available for its users.

The first is the total lack of an internal swap. If the user wants to change the assets he has deposited, he has no other chance that to withdraw them, transfer them to an exchange and deposit again the new assets he wanted to buy. This is not only making things unnecessarily complicated, but also could grant Celsius an additional source of income via reasonable fees to be charged to the user who swaps his assets. Personally, I would like very much to see a partnership with Changeangel because their service is top notch.

An internal swap could open a world of possibilities currently requiring a lot of manual job. There could be automatic swaps for interest earned (from CEL to stable coins, for instance), automatic swaps when a particular asset loses or gains a certain value, automatic swaps when your ratio is dangerously close to 15% and so forth. Probably is a kind of advanced management that not all the users would be keen to take advantage from, but it could be a great tool available to those who would like to micromanage their portfolio.

I see the objection: Celsius is not a trading platform and does not want to be a trading platform. True and agreed. But that functionality would not be a trading one, especially because of the potential 13 days delay in your choice to take effect. Is more an interest rate management tool and, as such, I think it would be perfectly fit to the Celsius business model.

The second is the possibility to split assets and to decide to earn interest partially in CEL and partially in currency. This option does not make too much of a sense for small portfolios, but for bigger depositors can be a real added value. The possibility to earn interest in two different ways (or to earn a certain percentage in the same asset and the rest in CEL) could help in fine tuning your target profit and manage the risk in a better way. As for today, you can choose only one option. It is true that you can change it whenever you like, but there is a kind of attrition in the process because your changes take effect only from the coming week in respect of the one when you made it. The financial world moves faster than that.

In short, for the time being it seems to me that Celsius Network is mainly focused on attracting potential long-term holders under the assumption that all of them will take a conservative approach, but the crypto space is a very dynamic environment where figures can change rapidly. In all cases, adding flexibility would not hurt and I hope to seem them implemented in the future.

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