Do you have an overview about your cryptos holding in different wallets and exchanges?

Do you have an overview about your cryptos holding in different wallets and exchanges?

By wulck | crypto_universe | 3 May 2020

If you're taking part in airdrops on different blockchains, using different exchanges and have different wallets, you surley challange to keep an overview over all...

ACCOINTING the solution - Great Overview, if needed additionally tax reports (free of charge)

I was struggling to keep the overview, but now i have found accointing. Its a great webtool, where you can add your wallets and exchange accounts via API key and/or with your .csv list of transactions. Following you can see the wallet dashboard:


Its really nice, you have an insant live overview of your holding.

Background accounting (free of charge)

In the background all the transactions are saved, so all transactions are classified like:

  • Mined
  • Swap 
  • Internal
  • Add funds
  • Reconcile
  • ICO
  • and further on

For example, take a look:

All transactions get classified and you will have a full accounting


Performance of holdings (free of charge)

Additionally its really easy to evaluate the performance of youre holdings. With the accounting in the background, your accointing knows when, to which price and with which currency you bought e.g. tokens at an ICO or on an exchange. With this data and the chart of the token, accointing evaluates the price and shows you your performance in a graph.

Performance of your holdings

Tax reports (will be charged)

At the end its possible to make a pro account. There a three types of pro account and with all of them you get your tax reports. 


The difference are in the amount of transactions in the report. At the professional Tax Report you also get Tax optimising (i cant say acctually what it means and does)

I hope i could help you to get an overview for your overview! Try it and see you!

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