BTC mining on Bitrez - start with your free 1000 GH/s for a year (for every btc-address you have)

BTC mining on Bitrez - start with your free 1000 GH/s for a year (for every btc-address you have)

By wulck | crypto_universe | 14 May 2020

Bitcoin halving is done, hashrate is still at approx. 120 M, price nearly touched the 10k today (14.05.2020 12:06) and know whats the plan for the future? You will find a lot of price forecasts with every possible or impossible scenario in the web, so you wont get one from me. So here i want to tell you about and their free 1000 GH/s mining plan.

Easy register on

Go on, take your btc-address and sign up...thats it!! Your mining starts. Another great thing is, if you have more than one btc-address (normally everybody has more than one ;) ), take your other addresses and sign up again. You can get the 1000 GH/s free mining plan for every btc-address you have. 

Further mining plans is based in Great Britain and has of course further mining plans. As you can see in the following picture


For Example the ultimate bitcoin plan they calculate 3.02364 btc of profit a year (you can see it in the following picture).


That would be really great, but i am not sure. If i take a look to the free 1000 GH/s plan and the earnings up today, i would calculate 0.02716416 btc a year for the one year free plan. Would be also a great result - lets have a look, maybe its like that, maybe not. If someone has more experience with mining plan from, feel free to comment below.

I think to start with the free mining plan is no mistake, specially you only have to take your btc-address and no KYC needed, not even your personal details. But i think you would do the same like me after a few test period, to start with a basic plan.

For newbies in mining is the free plan a great opportunity to get more into mining, because if you have a mining plan (even a free one) you get more interested in it and after it you're heading to an expert...

Feel free to comment, see you!!

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