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REVU Public Token Sale starts on May 18th

By Laurentiu Artugyan | Crypto Traveler | 14 May 2021

REVU represents a native token on the Cardano network. The foremost benefit while holding these tokens is represented by the money you may save while paying for your subscription charges. REVU tokens may be kept in Revuto Wallet, a simple and secure wallet. These tokens are meant to use up to 40% of the revenue generated from those transactions fee and decentralized finance fee for REVU token buyback.

REVU token sale

If you haven’t heard before REVU tokens, there is an airdrop launched by this project. By subscribing on their website, any user can receive the first 10 REVU tokens. You may use this referral link to claim your first 10 REVU tokens only by creating an account using an e-mail and verifying your e-mail address.

Besides this airdrop, REVU tokens are about to be available for a public sale. This will happen on May 18th, 8 AM UTC and it will be organized as two rounds: Early back and Community Sales. Moreover, Early back round will have also 2 rounds, namely Early back – Tier 1 where investors can buy REVU tokens for an 500 – 1,000 EUR and Early back – Tier 2 where investors can buy tokens for an amount ranging between 5,000 and 10,000 EUR. Both these tiers will last for 36 hours, Tier 1 from May 18th to May 19th, respectively Tier 2 starting from May 20th and ending on May 21st. The Community Sales round of REVU tokens starts on May 22nd and it will last until May 29th. During the Community Sales round investors can buy REVU tokens for a minimum amount of 100 EUR and a maximum amount of 5,000 EUR.

Revu Token Cardano

The total amount of REVU tokens that will be sold during the Public Token Sale is 72,838,500. According to the roadmap proposed by REVU tokens team, the next step after this Public Sale will be the launching of the Revuto App. This app should be extremely beneficial for users and holders of REVU tokens since on this app users can store native tokens, get referral rewards, pay and subscribe with Cardano Native tokens, stake REVU tokens, get cashback in REVU tokens while paying for their subscriptions and finally, earn yield by providing liquidity to the protocol.

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