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ATLAS NAVI - The AI Navigation App that may replace Waze App

By Laurentiu Artugyan | Crypto Traveler | 19 Dec 2023

As the AI (Artificial Intelligence) sector gains new interest all over the world, new projects are developed based on the AI function. Recently I've found out that a new project related to crypto and AI, namely Atlas Navi. I was more surprise to discover that the team behind this project is mostly formed by Romanians, adding this project to other Romanian projects that are already in this industry. The first time when I've heard about the Navi token was in August 2023, when I was participating in a spotlight to receive some free Navi tokens. It was a project recently launched on Tradesilvania, a Romanian crypto exchange where I trade mostly due to the low fees and the possibility to buy crypto at a good exchange rate for Romanian Leu (RON).

However, at that time I didn't put too much attention into this project, since it wasn't very popular among crypto investors. But recently I've saw an interesting hype on this project and I've made some research. The project seems to have quite an interesting potential for the future since it may have a wide usage. There is already an App available on the official website of Atlas Navi.

The team of the project list the features of this app::

  • Video Recording of the trips, stored on device or in the cloudΒ 

  • Live Stream your trip with anyoneΒ 

  • Group Trips - track group members on a long road trip

  • Multi-Stop trips - with the "most-efficient" route

  • Driver Score - improves driving habits

  • Maintenance Alerts – insurance, inspection, road tax expiration alerts

  • NFT Car Garage - own cars on the blockchain, see and showcase them as 3D NFT models to others in the app

Actually the project is presented as a Drive-To-Earn app, meaning that as soon as you install the app and proceed with the steps, may have a large adoption since all over the world there are millions of drivers using different apps while they are driving. Furthermore, this app is promoted to be more accurate than Waze App in order to find the best route and to help during the road trips. The argument is the AI technology that stands for this application.

The projects offer also some benefits and advantageous costs for the drivers when it comes to buy fuel, tires and even cars. The project has already some interesting collaborations with OMV (fuel company), Tiriac Auto (Auto Dealer), Fiat Auto and Alfa Romeo (Car Company) or car insurance companies. Since we talk about a project that is just at the beginning in this industry, it looks quite interesting.

If you are a driver, maybe this article will be interesting for you, even more if you may want to earn some money while driving or by investing in Navi token. Hopefully this article will bring into your attention a project that may have some hype in the near future, even more if we look at the numbers of the circulating supply.

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Laurentiu Artugyan

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