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Tradesilvania – a Romanian trading exchange for cryptocurrencies

By Laurentiu Artugyan | Crypto Traveler | 11 Nov 2021

For those who want to buy, to sell or to swap cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of exchanges available. For sure that most of the people who are currently in this market know about the most famous and most used of these exchanges, namely Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken,, Gemini or OKEx. But on the market there are many more other exchanges. One of these exchanges that is far from being well known at a global scale is Tradesilvania.

Tradesilvania Exchange for Crypto

Tradesilvania is a Romanian exchange for digital assets that seems to have an interesting growth in the last few months. It has been launched in 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, one of the biggest cities in Romania. The name of this exchange specialized in crypto trading is a combination between “Trade” and “Silvania”, since this exchange is based in the major city in Transylvania, one of the best known region in Romania.

When I’ve first started to invest in crypto, back in February 2021, I was interested to begin with a platform easy to use and easy to understand. Moreover, I was interested to use a platform where it was easier for me to buy crypto using my FIAT currency, namely RON (Romanian Leu). Also I was looking for an exchange having low fee for trading and I considered that this Romanian exchange had quite low fee. Accordingly, I started my crypto venture using Tradesilvania exchange.

Tradesilvania Pros

At that time on this exchange had available only about 20 pairs for trading. However, for a beginner it was more than enough. I had time and energy to do research regarding all the cryptocurrencies available in February 2021 on the platform. Few months later I’ve created an account on Coinbase in order to get some free coins using the Earn Program available on this exchange. However, starting in August 2021 I’ve noticed that Tradesilvania is growing by bringing new features on the platform and also by listing and introducing a larger number of cryptocurrencies (among them even DOGE, SHIB, SOL, AAVE, AXIE). Accordingly, at the moment of writing this post on Tradesilvania, users can trade 40 cryptocurrencies and 90 crypto pairs available for trading.

Tradesilvania Cryptocurrencies listTradesilvania Cryptocurrencies assetsTradesilvania Cryptocurrencies list 3Tradesilvania Cryptocurrencies list 2Tradesilvania Cryptocurrencies list 4

This Romanian crypto trading platform is available both for desktop and mobile (having an app for IOS and Android), provides features like price alerts, 2-step authentication, the possibility to send crypto via e-mail, but also the possibility to create a business account and also the possibility to use a OTC desk for trading large volumes. Another feature that has convinced me to use this crypto platform is Savings. There are very good rates for Savings for several assets, while other digital assets are about to be introduced in the Savings options for users.

Tradesilvania Savings

For example you may have 13% APY rate for Zilliqa, 7% APY rate for Elrond, 5% APY for Tron or 11% APY rate for Polkadot. Another advantage for the Savings feature is that the assets are blocked only for 7 days starting from the date that you have sent into the Savings account. This aspect means flexibility to redeem your assets if you intend to sell when prices are enough high to bring you profit. Moreover, the distribution of earnings from Savings is made weekly or monthly.

Tradesilvania APY for Savings

Besides these features, Tradesilvania is reliable due to the modern KYC solutions that are following the European Union rules, due to the insurance solutions and also based on AML6 compliance for financial services in the European Union in order to offer a secure and transparent relationship.

Tradesilvania Features

Whether you are interested to buy or to sell digital assets at low fee or you would like to find an exchange with very interesting rates for Savings, Tradesilvania may be an option that is not promoted on the big scenes in the crypto market. It is true that the design of the platform at this moment is not the most attractive and it doesn’t offer tools similar with Binance or OKEx for instance. Nevertheless, for beginners or for those who are not interested to make analyzes using trading indicators, Tradesilvania could be a choice. This exchange is available in Romanian, English, German and Spanish languages, while the payments can be made using RON (Romania Leu) and EURO.

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