Romanian crypto projects with potential

5 Romanian crypto projects with potential in the upcoming years

Crypto projects are developed all over the world. If you would take a map and pin on the map all the countries having such projects, you will have many countries with crypto projects developed in those countries. Romania is part of this technological evolution. There are many Romanian projects developed already in crypto and many projects that will develop in the future.

In this post you will find 5 of the most interesting and attractive crypto projects that have been developed in Romania. Maybe you know these projects, but if you discover them by reading this post, then you may find a good opportunity to invest in one or more of these crypto projects.


1. Elrond (EGLD)

The best know project in the crypto market that is developed in Romania is for sure Elrond (EGLD). Elrond is one of the top 100 projects in crypto market. It is a project that is presented to be as fast, highly scalable and secure blockchain. The aim of this blockchain is to be used for the new internet economy that is expected to be developed in the upcoming years, for different apps and also for enterprises in various domains. Elrond has its own token, EGLD. There is an app available on the Elrond blockchain, namely Maiar app, but also an exchange, named also Maiar Exchange. As one of the top crypto tokens, EGLD may be found on most of the crypto exchanges, such as Binance, KuCoin, OKEX, Coinbase, Kraken etc.


HEART is the token of project. Humans blockchain combines the power of blockchain with the Artificial Intelligence. HEART token may be used for the governance and the usage within HUMANS ecosystem. This ecosystem intends to be the next generation blockchain by combining a library of Artificial Intelligence tools as a creative studio suite. All these features and tools may be used by creators to transform their creative ideas into reality. Since we live into a digital world nowadays, this project intends to empower anyone to create and own their creations as digital assets.

HUMANS ecosystem proposes a new mechanism to validate the blockchain, namely Proof of Human. This will allow humans to leverage their biometric data as a proof that any NFT created is validated based on a biological supervision. This Proof of Human is the cornerstone of this decentralized ecosystem proposed by HUMANS project. The team considers that even in the AI revolution and in the digital age, real humans should be the most important feature in order to keep the AI honest.

For those interested to buy HEART token from a centralized exchange, this token can be bought on KuCoin.


Under the acronym ILSI you can find another Romanian crypto project called „Invest Like Stakeborg Index”. Stakeborg is a leading crypto hub in Romania that indents to bring education, consulting activities and adoption of blockchain. ILSI is an index intends to offer to the investors a diversified and macro exposure to part of the main projects that stands out as opportunities to invest in the crypto market. In order to reach the aim of this project, there is a token selection. This token selection has been split into several sub-segments and each of this sub-segment includes a number of tokens carefully picked.

The most important categories of the ILSI index include Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top 2 projects in crypto market, tokens of Oracles/Web 3.0 projects, tokens from DeFi projects, tokens belonging to Layer 1 infrastructure / smart contract platforms, tokens of Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), but also tokens from projects belonging to NFTs/GameFi/Metaverse domains.

In order to find out the weight of each token included in ILSI index, but also the tokens that are part of this index when you want to invest, you may check the official website of ILSI project. At the moment of writing this post, ILSI is available only on SushiSwap platform.



One of the Romanian crypto projects that have a real utility and that may help a lot of people is TCOIN or TravelCoin. TCOIN ecosystem is used for those who travel as a reward received from bookings at hotels part of the TCOIN ecosystem and also for eating at restaurants part of this ecosystem. TCOIN tokens may be used to attract new customers and also to reduce the platform booking fees for hotels to zero.

5. WebDollar

Another Romanian crypto project is WebDollar. This ecosystem allows users to start staking in a few seconds after the first blockchain will run in your browser or on any other device. WebDollar (WEBD) is presented by the team to be a secure and private technology. It allows simple web payments since it allows an easy way to integrate blockchain with browser for peer-to-peer transactions. In this way cross-border blockchain payments are allowed.

There are several features already integrated into the WebDollar ecosystem. First of all you don’t need to download, install or register. Secondly you can generate wallets directly on your browser. You may also start staking directly in your browser. Moreover, it allows offline transactions. The fact that transactions can be easily made directly in your browser is another feature to be mentioned. Finally this ecosystem is 100% Proof of Stake (PoS).

These are 5 Romanian crypto projects that may have an interesting progress in the near future. If Elrond (EGLD) is already a well-known name in the crypto industry, the other 4 projects are still at their early stages in their development. But it is good to know about some projects at their early stages, since some of them may explode in the upcoming years.

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