The curiosity for Bitcoin is growing on Google

The curiosity for Bitcoin is growing on Google

By renabs94 | Crypto_travel | 26 Apr 2020

Also on Google the curiosity around Bitcoin is growing. An attitude most likely encouraged by the approach of May 13, when the queen of cryptocurrencies will give rise to the expected halving, or halving of the rewards due to miners, which will go from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC for each block resolved.

An event that has been talked about for months and that has made the virtual currency attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto increasingly popular

Google Trends data

To attest the growth in interest in Bitcoin is Google Trends, according to which for a couple of weeks now the volume of searches on Google worldwide has returned to the levels of mid-May 2019, or when BTC began the rally that it brought in the summer to touch 13 thousand dollars before starting a decisive retracement.

Not just halving

However, it should be underlined that if halving is attracting the attention of Internet users, Bitcoin is also taking advantage of the economic and financial situation caused by the spread of coronavirus.
The pandemic, in fact, caused a real shock on the markets, of which the collapse of the oil price has been ample testimony. A shock that BTC is taking advantage of, which is now seen by many as an alternative asset to be looked at with extreme attention.

An interest destined to rise in the coming days

The impending halving, however, should further increase the curiosity around the most famous cryptocurrency in the days that separate us from May 13, the date scheduled for the achievement of the block number 630 thousand.
A curiosity which, moreover, the whole sector is benefiting from. Always Google Trends, in fact, reports the growth of searches inherent in some of the digital currencies that aim to replace Bitcoin in the heart of crypto fans.

Ethereum and Ripple also see the curiosity around them increase

The reference is in particular to Ethereum and Ripple. If the first token has reached higher peaks in the last few days in terms of the number of searches carried out, it should however be underlined that XRP, in turn, has collected more, but more consistently. An interest, that for Ripple, due to a series of minor modifications, aimed at giving it a greater level of privacy.
It now remains to be seen, of course, whether this growth in interest around the world of digital assets will translate into greater use in everyday life. Should this happen, the long-awaited mass adoption of cryptocurrencies would also approach.



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