Publish0xTutorials - How to NOT write an article

Publish0xTutorials - How to NOT write an article

By utaini | Crypto, Travel and more | 3 Feb 2020

Dear Publish0x publisher, this wants to be a quick guide about how NOT to write an article on this useful platform.

Publish0x is meant to be a "shared blog" where to find news, tutorials, quick info and funny facts concerning the world of Cryptos. Let's say we live together in a house and we talk about Cryptos, Blockchain and share tips about this giant world.

At the moment you write an article, you should remember you are not doing it for money (I hope that tips generated are not the only thing that keeps you on this platform), but to share your experience, your point of view and to establish a discussion about a thread. So, before to start writing down something, you should ask yourself some questions:

1- Is the article I'm going to write useful for the community?
2- Is it "unique" or about a thing that has not been fully discussed already?
3- Do I have facts and resources that support the thing I'm going to write?

I noticed that many persons write about things just to place referral links. If we go count how many articles have referral links to download Brave in the BAT category, we will notice that they are so many and they mostly talk about the same things.

In my opinion, we should focus on quality instead of quantity. Imagine you are a guy that enters in the house I mentioned before... what would you think if you get stalked by guys that tell you the same thing (that sounds like "click here and we will earn 5 bucks each")? Do you think you are going to sign up and be part of our group? I don't think so.

So, please, before to start writing down a post/article... think twice about it and ask yourself if it is going to be an added value to our community. If so, tips will drop like rain! If not... you waste your time writing something that very few cares about and you are not going to get many tips for it.

This is not meant to be polemic... I just wanted to keep this place every day better and smarter.

Crypto, Travel and more
Crypto, Travel and more

Here's the place where to talk about Cryptos in the travel industry and more.

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