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New ERC standard 7683 by Uniswap and Across Protocol.

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 21 May 2024

ERC-7683 by Uniswap Labs and Across Protocol

  New ERC standard ERC-7683 is introduced by Uniswap Labs and Across Protocol. Uniswap Labs is going cross-chain with UniswapX, this new ERC standard will be adopted then.

ERC -7683 is considered as low cost, low barrier, and wide filler.






Telegram's Hamster Kombat is superhit

   The most efficient way to adopt crypto is through online gaming, as proven by Telegram's Hamster Kombat game, which has 15 million users in one month. Every day, more than 7 million users are active. 




Is CEX a solution for small NFT outputs?

     It is hard for NFT trading market to to process small outputs, and new research narrates that CEX could be a solution for this issue. 

Magic Eden and Coinbase : In February, BTC maxi Danny Diekroger claimed that Bitcoin's NFT trading marketplace Magic Eden uses Coinbase to process small UTXOs outputs, and Coinbase pays for integrating these outputs. 

Analysis speak : Some analysis claims that Coinbase is also gaining with this, by converting dust into profit. However, some explorer claims that the value might be reverse now, so Coinbase's profit is not real. 




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