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Crypto Today 109 : Donald Trump vows to make the future of BTC and Altcoins in Americ

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 16 Jun 2024

Donald Trump vows to make the future of BTC and Altcoins in America

     Recently, former US President Donald Trump commented and vowed to end Joe Biden's war on crypto and make crypto and bitcoin the future in America.

   Now it is not difficult to understand that the influence of crypto in the US has increased so much that the results of the presidential election can be based on it.

    Nayib Bukele once said that the next US presidential election will be on bitcoin; this prediction is coming true.

(Wubits / Grill)  


GameFi Rising

     The popularity of the Telegram-based “x to earn” game is increasing, benefiting both iof Telegram tokens TON and NOT, I am preparing to enter Play to earn GameFi., are you? (WUBITS / GRILL)


Law & Crime

    NYAG Letitia James has accused Gemini Exchange of misleading investors, Gemini wants to avoid legal trouble, so it has agreed to settle the matter by paying NYAG $50 million. (WUBITS / GRILL)


International Incident

   The Nigerian government  has dropped tax charges against Binance and its executives, most probably the Nigerian government is under pressure from the US Government over US citizen Gambaryan. (WUBITS / GRILL).

       El Salvador Ambassador to the US has informed that President Nayib Bukele has proposed establishing a BPI for Bitcoin financial services. it seems the current US politics and Bitcoin scenario has become an interesting subject in El Salvador. (WUBITS / GRILL)  



     The U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs saw net outflows of $190 million on June 14. Fidelity is the biggest loser with $80m outflow, and BlackRock gained $1M inflow. (WUBITS / GRILL)    


Power & Bitcoin

    El Salvador people have been charged more on electricity bills than their consumption. Nayib Bukele has ordered an investigation into the sudden increase in electricity bills. Anti Bitcoininsts may target BTC mining. (WUBITS / GRILL)

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