Crypto Today 108 : BTC Prague 2024

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 15 Jun 2024

BTC Prague

     BTC Prague is a three-day event (13-15 June) being held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

This event is for Bitcoin maxis from around the world, especially Bitcoinists from Europe.Bitcoin maxis from around the world are comAing to BTC Prague to promote the adoption of Bitcoin.

    This is not a free event, tickets are being sold for entry, only Bitcoiners are participating, so this promotion is being done as an incentive among each other. It would be better if such events are free of entry fee, so that more people can attend them and learn from Bitcoin experts.

(Wubits / Grill)


Mining & Acquiring

     Riot Platforms has continued to buy Bitfarms' stake, suggesting that Bitfarms' "poison pill" has not been able to prevent a takeover, and Riot Platforms is determined. (Wubits / Grill)


Trezor Wallet

   As informed in BTC Prague event, Hardware wallet developer Trezor has just launched $99 "Safe 5" wallet, it comes with Crypto and Bitcoin-only versions. (Wubits / Grill).


Bitcoin Maximalist Microstrategy 

     MSTR has increased its $500 million convertible senior notes strategy to $700 million. Saylor will be able to buy more bitcoins than previously planned. (Wubits / Grill)



     The Swiss regulator FINMA has declared Binance's banking partner in Switzerland, Flowbank, bankrupt and withdrawn its license on June 13.(Wubits / Grill).


New Protocol & Token

     Web3 tool developer Zapper is all set to launch its own protocol for ease of on-chain data, and its native ZAP utility tokens to reward interpretations.(Wubits / Grill)

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