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Crypto Regulation meet happened between Argentina and El Salvador

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 27 May 2024

Crypto Regulation meet happened between Argentina and El Salvador

     Regulators from two Latin American countries, Roberto Silva from Argentina (South America) and Juan Carlos Reyes from El Salvador (North America), have met to discuss Bitcoin and other cryptos in their countries.

     I think Argentina wants to learn from El Salvador because Argentina’s pro-Bitcoin President Milei has come under pressure from the IMF. Roberto Silva’s praise of El Salvador’s policies also suggests this. 


$200k reward to move Friend Tech out of Base Network

     Friend Tech is Base network based Social Fi, its relationship with Base isn't on right tracks, so Racer (Friend Tech co-founder) has announced a Reward of $200k to figure out a way to migrate Friend Tech from Base without causing major problems.

Market is not favoring FRIEND out of BASE

    Friendtech is offering $200K for moving out of Coinbase's Base Network, but after this announcement, the value of Friendtech's native token, FRIEND, fell sharply. I think the market is considering Friendtech's announcement as FRIEND to get delisted from Coinbase.



Trump promises pardoning Ross Ulbricht

Free Ross demand rised in Trump campaign by supporters. This means more crypto people are joining Trump camp. But will Trump free Ross?

There are many complex questions now, but answer is action.

Trump has promised that he will. Ross Ulbricht is in prison for 11 years, his crime was founding free market "Silk Road". Some democrats misused his site and send him to prison. Trump already promised Free Ross, this is accepting a big demand.



TON TVL crosses $300M

     The total value locked (TVL), driven by decentralized exchanges and liquid staking projects on Telegram's The Open Network (TON) blockchain has surpassed $300 million. This is an over tenfold increase since early March. The platforms that drove the TVL to TON are, Dedust, Tonstakers and bemo.





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