Is Harmony(ONE) ready to hack the system? I really hope so.

By Cyano | Crypto-Tipss | 23 Mar 2021


We know that Harmony is aiming to be a top Blockchain project for cross finance next year.
It’s a great solid project, it's growing fast and starting to have good numbers if you look at partnerships, investors and collaborations.
(Binance and Kukoin for example)


One of the main aims of the Harmony Protocol is to become an easy access to Ethereum Apps (DEfi, NTF, Gaming) ensuring lower fees for users.


This is already enough to be very interested about the project and how it works, but there's more:


The Harmony project is finally fully interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem.


This means that App developers can now easily port their applications already written using ether.js or web3.js onto Harmony, while users can add the Harmony Network to their Metamask wallet. (I show you how here).


Using the Horizon Bridge technology anyone can move assets on Harmony.  ETH and ERC20/HRC721 assets can be transferred to Harmony and vice versa ONE and HRC20/HRC721 assets can be transferred to Ethereum.


We’ll finally be able to interact with Ethereum De-Fi and NFT’s apps written on web3 or ether.js but deployed on Harmony without having to worry anymore about high fees or latency.  


That's why I hope that the Harmony Protocol will keep on growing and scaling-up Ethereum Apps.

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