! If you're looking for a safe way to stack part of your wallet and start gaining an interesting passive income, just follow this guide step by step

By Cyano | Crypto-Tipss | 21 Mar 2021 is a very useful centralized app that I recently discovered.



Let's see how it works and why I decided to try it.


Well first of all, it's really simple to use and most important thing: it's safe and centralized.

Safety is everything when we're going to deposit some of our savings or cryptocurrency in a Financial app (so DYOR),  but we even want to know what kind of benefits we can obtain, and that's what we're talking about today:

  • 1) The app can be downloaded here with my referral code that gives you an important starting boost of 25$ when you sign up for free: 
  • 2) We're ready to deposit or buy crypto to stake and start earning a passive income just staking stablecoin or cryptocurrency in the app.  (for example: the APY on USDT is about 10%) (APY on CRO about 6%)
  • 3) We'll be rewarded with a % of Cashback in crypto for every transaction and payment we make.
  • 4) offer an in-app Exchange that allows you to operate on principals crypto markets and derivatives.


What else we need to know before we start? 


  • Fees on deposits and withdrawals are 0$ for the first month and very low on every crypto compared to other services.
  • You can stack more than 35 different crypto from the most well-known like BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, ADA, DOT, UNI, LTC, EOS and many more.
  • You can immediately start earning a cashback  on every transaction and payment made with the app.
  • Cashback will be payed in crypto (CRO).
  • CRO is the coins (you can exchange it directly in the app).
  • Cashback % depends on your exposure to CRO and it starts at 1% (0 exposure) up to 8%
  • You'll receive a Crypto Metal Card to use for your payments. updated requirements to obtain their Visa Metal Card.


Just two days ago changed the requirements to obtain different Metal cards making it more affordable for every kind of investor/holder.

For example while before 3/16 you had to stake 5000 CRO(about1000$) to obtain a RUBYRED card (2% cashback), now you just need to stack 400$.

Here you can see the requirements before and after 3/16


Requirements before 3/16:

Before 3/16

Actual requirements:


As we can see anyone can apply for FREE and receive a Midnight Blue card to start earning 1% Cashback. 
But there are more benefits for customers staking CRO:
  • Ruby Steel comes with 1 Spotify account reimbursement (12.99$)
  • Jade Green/Royal Indigo 1 Spotify account (12.99$) + 1 Netflix account (13.99$) + Airport lounge access
  • Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White/Obsidian 1 Spotify account (12.99$) +1 Netflix account (13.99$) +1 AmazonPrime (12.99$) +10% on Expedia + Airport lounge access+1guest + Bonus on staking interest



Now all you have to do is: download the app here. 


Sign up with your email and choose your card tier.


Start earning passive income staking stablecoins, CRO or other cryptos.


Start earning Cashback on any transaction. 



This is not a financial Advice.

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