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Part 3


Third part of the previous article on how to "INVEST IN CRYPTO WITHOUT MONEY". Previously I presented you how to earn some crypto by changing your browser and using some different platforms (social networks, blog, streaming, video). Here I suggest you to use "Faucets" which allow you to earn a little crypto for free.

To start, you will have to register on the following 8 sites:

1 / Once your accounts are created you'll start to collect some cryptos (BTC, DOGE, LTC, DASH, BCH and Coinpot Token) on each site.
At the beginning It's a bit boring and it doesn't pay much. But we will then see how to multiply them automatically (in the screenshot below we can see that in 30 days I multiplied my balance by 7).


2 / Convert your cryptos into "Coinpot token" on Coinpot.

Once you have obtained 300 "Coinpot Token" go to the "Multiply" section of Coinpot and put the following settings:





3 / Start AutoRoll by choosing 1 token (do not try to bet more or you will lose your coins).



4 / Let your PC run until it is finished making its 100,000 rolls. You should earn around 1500 coinpot token per day.
You will also win Free lottery tickets that you will need to use every day before midnight (UTC). This will allow you to increase your chances of winning a little more.



I'll publish soon the 4th part of this article on how to "INVEST IN CRYPTO WITHOUT MONEY" because there are still many ways to get some free crypto (less laborious and more profitable than faucets). If you have not read my previous articles I invite you to do if you want to optimize your earnings.

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Crypto tips & trics
Crypto tips & trics

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