How Brave browser earns you money
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How Brave browser earns you money

By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 5 Feb 2020

The internet created a revolution in advertisement. No more did companies have to spend thousands on a TV commercial with the most generic content possible in order to appeal to a wide audience. Instead, we now have a powerful connection with individuals across the world which can be used for personal conversation, but can also be an incredible advantage for brands to sell their products.

When we are browsing on Facebook, typing messages of our favorite food, the running shoes you just bought, or even cryptocurrency, these websites are collecting information. They know where we live, the shops around us, and our interests from all the information we share online freely for anyone to see. Social media networks like Facebook make a good deal of money selling in two major ways:

1. Ad Revenue — Each time you see an ad on a page, a small amount of money changes hands. The advertisers are paying for this space at that moment so that you can see their product. Clicking the link may incur further payment, as can purchasing the item advertised to you. All of this is being tracked so that the website responsible for taking you to them can be compensated.

2. Information Sale — As you might guess by now, the information these sites gather can be quite useful. Some services use this information collected about your internet usage to get a better understanding of how to advertise you. Others might intend to contact you directly and try to sell you something. 


Enter, Brave Browser.

With the advent and growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, people are taking more and more control of their financial lives.

Ad blockers and extensions rose up to give people freedom from this tracking, information gathering, and the annoying ads peppered on websites. These are not perfect, though. Many perfectly good companies simply want to advertise their product unobtrusively, and content creators and web hosts need some way to make money. 

Brave Browser is a compromise. You can be exposed to new services, products and websites in an unobtrusive and private way. Brave includes an ad and cross-site tracker blocker built-in to remove these traditional ads from websites. Then, optionally you can opt-in to their rewards program.

Occasionally you will receive small notifications at the side of your screen. If it sounds interesting, you can click to learn more, or you can simply ignore it and the popup will fade in a few seconds. Your browsing information and identity remain private, and part of the revenue Brave makes for displaying these ads is directed to your wallet!

It's really that simple!

Advertisers pay money to Brave for an ad, Brave shows you that ad, and you get a cut of the money! Every month your revenue will be moved to your Brave wallet in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) where you can withdraw it to an exchange to sell, or put it in your own wallet for save keeping. 

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