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By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 2 Dec 2020

We've all been new to cryptocurrency at one time. Many of you may be just learning how to trade right now! If that describes you, welcome to the community! You may have found out from personal experience or through observation how risky these investments can get. Many people end up "buying the top" or miss out on opportunities. How can we get more from our crypto?

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BitYard has a solution- it's called Copy Trading!

The Copy Trade function makes it easier on beginners by allowing you to follow the trades of advanced and proven traders. Imagine if you could know every stock trade that a rich investor makes, and you could follow them easily. Often we are influenced by people on social media or in groups we join to learn more about these projects. But we don't know who they are, they can't really prove legitimacy besides through hanging out with them and seeing them succeed. BitYard's copy trade system could keep track of these traders and show you who is really worth following.

I know for me personally, these markets can be quite scary to enter, not being used to stocks and investing. There are always times when you lose some money and when you gain some money, it can be disheartening when the losing money happens more frequently! BitYard simply gives you a route to hopefully maximize your earnings.


By copying a trader on BitYard, you will allow the pro trader to earn a portion of the gains they make for you, and you will earn money on your crypto without needing to do anything!

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