The Play2Earn Report - To New Horizons

The Play2Earn Report - To New Horizons

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 20 Nov 2020

I had another great week in the crypto world. While the current lockdown scenario certainly is pretty annoying for any for my real world endeavors, it certainly allows me to spend more time in the digital world than what I would normally do. I managed to publish 4 additional articles since my last Pay2Earn Report which is a new high. I also created a dedicated user for Leofinance which will be used to stake all my Leo and to upvote comments.

Before we dive into the individual games, let's have a look at the tokens I track first:


As you can see, I had some nice increase on these tokens. Hive and SPT is exclusively coming from author and curation rewards and I'm especially happy with my increase in SPT. I was having a bit of a hard time with my Splinterlands content as these articles tend to do a bit worse both on Hive and on Publish0x compared to the other topics I cover. The SPT gains make up for that a bit and once this token is actually going to do anything, I might be in for some decent gains there.

The increase in Leo obviously is not coming from rewards alone. When I set up my dedicated Leofinance account, @khazrakh.leo, I decided that I wanted his votes to matter right away so I spent some ETH to buy some Leo and powered that up right away. My votes now amount to about 0.1 Leo and I think that's a pretty good start. I feel like Leofinance has a bright future ahead of it and I might consider to buy some more Leo in the coming days.

That's also part of the reason why I decided to switch my author rewards on Hive from 100% Power Up to a 50:50 split between Power and Liquid Hive. To tell the truth, I'm a bit underwhelmed by Hive as a token. The curation rewards are simply way worse than they are for Leofinance because of the curation curve Hive uses. I certainly won't power down any Hive and I'm still hopeful for it's future (heck, by now, I'm betting quite some money on its success) but I think investing my gains into the 2nd layer projects will net me way better returns than what I would get from investing into the Hive token directly.

With that out of the way, let's have a look at my individual games:


Things have been progressing nicely in Splinterlands. Basically, it's more of the same in all categories. I've rented out some more cards, I've bought some new ones, and I competed in some more tournaments. These tournaments certainly are the highlight for me right now as I'm both doing pretty well in most and at the same time really enjoy playing them.




Just yesterday, I've managed another third place in a Silver League Tournament, earning me 4,333 DEC. The winnings from these tournaments certainly add up and by now, I'm making more from competing there than what I make from ranked play. I did some articles here and here promoting Splinterland tournaments because I really feel like people are missing out by not competing in them. Not every tournament is for everybody, but I'd say there are at least 1 or 2 tournaments each week that would make sense to compete in for everybody.




The liquidity pool is also somewhat stable, with some more ETH lost there. If nothing major changes there, I should receive another 3 land plots from this month and I feel like that's worth to keep my DEC and ETH in there. That said, once the land presale concluded I'll withdraw from the pool right away if they don't add new rewards for providing liquidity. While I did not loose much in terms of value, I feel like providing liquidity is totally not worth it without additional incentives.

All things considered, I'm really happy with where I'm standing in the game and I'm probably set for a while now. There won't be any major set releases any time soon, giving me some more months to further build my collection with the cards currently available. I only have one weak splinter left - Water - but I feel like getting a decently strong deck there would just not be worth the investment as it would require several legendary monsters and at least one of the more expensive summoners to set it up. Because of that, I'm good with having that single weak spot for now.


Ah well, dCity. This is one of these cases where you could kick yourself, wondering what took you so long. I certainly knew about the game, but I didn't really get into it when I first noticed it and then I just never really took the time to look at it again. Until recently that is. After I bought some NFTs to test the waters, I found that I really enjoy the game and at the same time, the returns seemed to be really decent. After I was certain I wanted to get involved more with dCity, I used up some of my DEC from last season and bought up more cards.




With this setup, I just rank high enough for the daily Hive rewards and I also get almost enough SIM to buy a new card daily. I'll invest some more Hive as I get it to increase the Income to 800 and then see how it goes for a while. I think it's really cool how you can go completely different routes with your city, focusing only on income, trying to mint a certain token or kind of NFT, attracting as many people to your city to educate them, or a combination of all. I'll grow my city organically for a while now, but once the 3rd edition hits, I might go on a minor shopping spree again.

This little maneuver also serves to showcase what I love about #hivegaming so much. My gains from another game allowed me to easily invest into a new game without the need to move any money in from the outside. To me, this totally is the future of gaming. Where your time (or money) spent on one game will eventually allow you to shift your focus to another game whenever you feel like without loosing that investment you made before. This is something only possible on the blockchain and quite frankly, I don't know of any other ecosphere besides Hive where that would be possible to such an extent. Withdrawing my DEC and converting it to Hive only took a minute and happened at zero fees - that's pretty much incredible if you think about it.

Anyway, I'll probably set up a dedicated article about dCity in the coming days or weeks once I feel I'm sufficiently knowledgeable about the game to give a sound impression.


This was the biggest news for me this week - eXode is finally having it's first official contest, all with leaderboards and rewards scattered across multiple stages. If you didn't catch it yet, I did an article detailing all the specifics for the coming contest.




This is an extremely important step forward for eXode. After almost half a year of development, we will now enter a stage where the game can slowly be considered to be ready for the masses. I totally expect this first iteration to come with all kinds of issues and problems, but the important thing is, from now on forward, we'll see regular contests and we have something to actually use our cards on (well other than toying around with them in the deck builder).

We don't know exactly when the contest is going to start, yet, but it's going to be sometime during next week. As soon as I have the exact date, I'll certainly make another post about it and try to make more people aware of what's about to happen. If you have not joined eXode yet, now is a great time to do so!

If you join the game using my ref-link, you will also receive two additional booster packs upon purchase of your first Origin. More importantly, though, I hold a lot of weapon cards that should be really helpful to get an edge in Evacuation. So if you do decide to join the game, just leave me a short comment with your account name and I'll make sure to send some weaponry your way to set you up for the contest.

Rising Star

I had a great run ever since the Beta release in Rising Star. By reducing my fans below the 50,000 mark, I was able to do a lot of missions at a greatly reduced Ego gain. But all good things come to an end and that's no other for my rockstar alter ego. After several weeks of solid gains of 20,000+ Starbits per day, Ego is once again starting to accumulate and reduce my earnings.




Last week, most of my Starbits went right to dCity to help kickstart my town. I feel like I now have to make up my mind where to go with Rising Star. I believe the next level of Ego increase to be at 70,000 Fans so one option would be to push up just below that boundary and increase my skill accordingly. Sadly, most cards that would help me to do so are rather expensive on the market right now. Gone are the times where I could buy Touring Coaches for 3,000 Starbits or even less.

I'm certainly not the gambling type but I might return to my "a booster a day" policy as well. Although the drop rates are really low, hitting a legendary in a pack could help me a lot with moving up my Fan total - and if I hit one of the characters, they would even bring the skill to accommodate them. Either way, I'll first get my SIM income up to 800 which is going to take another 2-3 days, then I'll decide on what to do next in Rising Star.


Cryptobrewmaster has been going amazingly well. I made another dedicated article on the game last week, detailing what the addition of a second beer and the market mean for the game. You can find all the details there but let me just say - it's really helping the game to gain more momentum! If rollie can keep this up, things will become really interesting for Cryptobrewmaster, with more and more viable strategies and ways to play the game.




This article, together with my last Play2Earn report, also helped me to find a lot of new referrals. With 18 new players brought to the game in the last week alone, I now have a total of 260 referrals for the game with quite a lot of them playing it actively every day. Yesterday, I claimed level 61 of the referral rewards. I'm now only 14 levels away from the highest reward tier and the rewards thus far have really been worth my time with hundreds of CBM worth of ingredients gained from it.


My first season in league 3 was rather mediocre and I honestly don't think I'll be able to move back up any time soon. Because of that, I'll take it slowly for a while, accumulate some RBN from playing my matches before I recruit a fresh, young team and give it another shot. So for now, not much more to report here.


And that's all from me for today. Right now, I'm really enjoying myself a lot in the Hive ecosphere and honestly, it feels like every one of the projects I follow is making great progress and is thus creating new opportunities for me and everybody else.

Thank you all for reading and see you all next time!


Crypto and gaming enthusiast. Looking forward to true next gen crypto gaming in the very near future.

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