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By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 25 Sep 2020

This week has been another crazy ride for me, with new opportunities popping up left and right and some amazing yet impactful changes in some of my games.

First news first, though. My brace has finally come off so I'm able to write with two hands again. While it felt a little odd initially I'm almost back to my usual writing speed, so doing these articles should take me a lot less time than it did these last weeks. So if you want some advise on that matter - try to not break your hand, it sucks...

In terms of Hive powered up it's been a really slow week. I only powered up about 80 Hive during the week and I'm now sitting at 5.315 Hive Power. The main reason for this were the many changes and opportunities I've been seeing this week. To keep it somewhat structured I'll get into it for each corresponding game separately. Let's get right into it!


There's a lot going on in Splinterlands for me and step by step it has grown into one of the games I'm most involved in. In terms of playing the game, I'm doing pretty well in Diamond. It seems a lot of Champion Level players are staying in Diamond on purpose so competition is really tough at the top but I'm still close to the ranks that award Untamed packs so I just might be able to have a shot at some packs in the end.




In terms of card rentals, I've also grown a bit. The number of cards rented out is going up and down a bit, but overall I've managed to earn about 15 Hive renting out cards and I'm pretty happy with that. I have still a lot of cards listed for renting that have not been picked up so I won't acquire any more cards for renting purposes at the moment but it's something that I'll grow slowly as I get my hands on new cards. I've also finally found another referral that did buy a summoners spellbook and even some booster packs.

The most important news in terms of Splinterlands is the upcoming lands presale, though. A huge thank you! to @revisesociology for pointing it out to me! So basically, Lands is going to be the next big update to the Splinterlands world. It will introduce land plots as new NFTs that can be owned by the players. From what I've gathered these lands will be used to craft new cards, spells, and the like in the game and they'll probably have a huge impact on the game.




Lands will be sold at 20$ per plot but there's a 50% discount during presale, bringing it down to 10$ per plot. There's also another discount of 15% if you buy 100 plots at once. I'm not sure yet if you'll only have to pay 850$ or if you pay 1000$ to get an additional 15 land plots but I'll figure it out as soon as possible.

The amazing thing about it is that Splinterlands is going to accept DEC for the presale and they'll accept it at a rate of 1000 DEC = 1$ - and thus way above the rate it's traded for right now. To be perfectly clear here - if a new/unknown project came up with a proposition like that, I'd be highly skeptical and would stay away from it as far as possible. Since it's Splinterlands doing that presale though, I'm going to take part in it.

My goal is to collect the 850,000 DEC until the presale goes live. This is obviously going to take away from the weekly amount of Hive I get to power up and it's the main reason I powered as few Hive as I did this week. Nevertheless, I already collected 110,000 DEC and will continue to build that up as much as I can. I'm fully prepared to delegate some funds from other projects in case the presale hits before I collected all the DEC I need. As I expect huge returns from this investment, amassing more DEC is going to be my number 1 priority for the moment.


Rabona is scheduled to launch today at 6 pm UTC and I'm really looking forward to it. The Stakeholder feature just got me even more excited about the game and I see huge potential for the game.




If you want to join in on the fun, keep in mind that the game is not free2play. Much like the summoners spellbook in Splinterlands, you need to make an initial investment in order to play the game. During the public beta, entry to the game is 5$, later on it's going to be 10$. Other than that, there's no more investment required. The payment has to be made in Hive right now, so make sure you have the ~30 Hive ready in order to join the game.

As long as there's no official account for the game, you can follow @rondras for English and @oliverschmid for German news on the game.

I'll start playing right away this evening and will probably follow up with an Is it worth your time article during the weekend.

Rising Star

I've already did an article on Rising Star this week, so for a more in-depth look on all the recent changes it's probably best to check that article.

In short - Rising Star has added a permanent Ego gain to missions, scaling with the amount of missions of the same type you do every day. This is shaking up the game completely, making it a lot more strategic and thus interesting.




In my opinion, these changes are going to be a huge boon to the game's longevity. To give some anecdotal evidence on that, instead of selling a portion of my Starbits daily, I'm going to reinvest everything I earn for at least some weeks back into the game in order to bring me into a position from where I can continue to grow organically.

I'll have more on Rising Star next week and probably will write another dedicated article as well. Right now, things are still changing too fast and too often to be any more specific.


I had another successful week in Cryptobrewmaster. I didn't do a dedicated article this week, so I've "only" found 8 new referrals for the game, bringing me to a total of 202 new players brought to the game.

I've also withdrawn another 1000 CBM and converted it to Hive in order to pay for Rabona. These 1000 CBM netted me 51 Hive and I feel like that's really good. Long term I plan to invest more into Cryptobrewmaster as it becomes possible, so I'll probably re-buy some CBM if I need to, but short term I felt like it could to more for me if I just sold the CBM to work with the Hive earned.




I also decided to compete in the Wholeseller event this week and as you can see, this went pretty well for me. I placed second in the event and received some very nice ingredients:


wholeseller 2.png


I'm really happy how that worked out and I'll continue to follow that strategy: Gather up beer for some weeks and then sell them all at once during an event to place high there. I'll hold to these high quality ingredients until I found more ingredients of matching quality to increase my chances of brewing some top level beer.


I've made some small sales in eXode but they only amounted to about 7 Hive. I've also found another new referral for the game, bringing my total up to 16 referrals.




Other than that, there's not much to report yet. Version E is scheduled to hit at least the test server by the end of the week, so I'd guess things should speed up a lot pretty soon. The new screenshots sure look fantastic!


Not much to report on Holybread, I'm slowly building up my hero and do battle in the Arena occasionally. Without the additions to the game I won't get any more involved for now.




I did climb high enough in the arena rating to get these upvotes from holybread, though. While they don't amount to much it's still better than nothing and it's nice to see a first minimal return from playing the game.


And that's all from me today. Writing this with two hands again sure helps to make the article a lot longer. Thank you for reading and commenting to everybody who made it to the end.

See you all next week!

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