The Play2Earn Report - It's All A Game To Me!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 26 Mar 2021

If you read my article during the week, you are probably already aware that I dropped most of my blockchain games with no intention to get back to most of them. Not going to reword my article, but in short, I'm pretty fed up with the way blockchain gaming has been developing in a lot of areas and I've thus decided to really only focus on the stuff that I enjoy and ignore the rest. That obviously also brought up the question what to do with my Play2Earn Report. For more than half a year I've been delivering one every weekend now and to tell the truth, I'm quite enjoying myself when I write them. I like to take a look back at my older reports every now and then, simply to see what I was dealing with some months ago and see how my holdings have developed from there. Nevertheless, the times where I've actively engaged in 8-10 games and had something to say about all of them are gone and they are most likely gone for good. So, what do I do with my Play2Earn Report?

Honestly, I'm not quite sure yet. Basically, this whole thing is really just a game for me, although one that should eventually pay out big. I never touch any of my holdings within the Hive ecosystem, I don't sell any cards in Splinterlands, I don't sell my CTP or LEO. I just accumulate and I enjoy it. So for now, I'll probably morph the Play2Earn Report into a general status report for my blockchain adventures. I'll still talk about the few games that are noteworthy in my opinion, but I'll also talk about my other endeavors, tribes I've discovered, and so on. I'm not sure if anybody actually wants to read about that, but then again I didn't think anybody would care for my Play2Earn Reports and yet, here I am. So we'll see how things go and what this thing is going to turn into in a couple of weeks.

For now, we'll start by looking at my token holdings like we always do.


Nice growth across the board. CINE came as a nice surprise for me as I was airdropped all of it for the LEO I hold. I'll have a separate paragraph on CINE later. I've bought 2 more LENM and will get at least 5 more this week, I'm not sure yet if I want to keep it at 50 for a while now or keep pushing for 100. With the price now up at 5 Hive each I don't feel any pressure of buying more right away, so I might just wait for a while. All things considered, it's really cool to see the value of my holdings increase by several hundred dollars each week just from organic growth. Even though it really is just a game to me, it's a damn lucrative one!

So next, let's take a look at my noteworthy blockchain endeavors of the week:


Where most other blockchain games have failed, Splinterlands is still standing strong. My season is going according to plan pretty much. I'm close to getting to Champion II right now and probably will do so during the weekend. I then usually try to push on to Champion I as well because I usually do a lot better in that regard with some days left in the season. So if all goes well, I might be able to make it to Champion I on Sunday. If not, I'll have some more shots at it before the season ends.




I've had an especially great time with the current Brave tournaments, placing in the money in every single tournament so far. I'm in round 2 for the Champion level tournament right now and should be able to at least claim another 5000 DEC for me. I've been doing a lot better in tournaments in general again. After I had forgotten to register teams several times during the last season I'm a lot more focused again, participating in at least one tournament each day at the moment.

I've also decided to buy another legendary card of the market. This time I went with the Hydra. It's been a deciding factor in many battles before and I really felt like it's a great addition for a lot of my decks. It's especially great with the Llama Mage but it's also a great play in any match where I suspect my opponent to go with a sneak build. Thanks to both thorns and retaliate, the Hydra is super deadly in the last position.




In other news, I've decided that I want to become a Maverick which means I need to buy 500 booster packs from the shop. The plan is to bulk buy all 500 in one go during the next promotion that Splinterlands will have using only DEC. Because of that, I've started to save up all DEC I earn and I won't buy any new cards this way until the next promotion comes along. Being a Maverick wasn't that important to me ever since, but I really would have loved to battle alongside my guildmates during the recent guild brawl tests so I want to be ready the next time something like that comes up.


CineTV is a brand new tribe focusing on cinema and television shows. The whole thing took me completely by surprise but needless to say, I'm really excited for it. I'm a huge TV show junky and I've watched countless great series during my years that I really love to talk about. So far, it didn't even occur to me that I could blog about stuff like that just as well and CineTV looks like the perfect excuse to start doing so.




I've published my first article discussing one of my all time favorite TV shows yesterday and I plan to make at least 2 articles in a similar style each week. Surprisingly, writing the article was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I feel like I've gotten decently good at writing blockchain (gaming) focused articles during the year I've been doing it but writing about a series in English is something that I have never done. I had to look up some words and some of the phrases I used are probably classic "German English" and don't make much sense to a native. I really enjoyed the experience, though. It's a new challenge and something that I hope to get better with as I publish more articles.

I've also created the dedicated curation account @khazrakh.cine for CineTV. At the moment, it only has the CINE that I got from the airdrop but just as with @khazrakh.leo and @khazrakh.cpt (stop laughing @achim03 :D) I intend to power up everything I earn from both author and curation rewards. I intend to do something similar for VIBES from the MusicForLife community as well but honestly, talking about music in English is yet another beast and I really only want to start with that once I've gotten better at writing about movies first.


There was a massive new article earlier this week detailing a lot of what's coming next. If you haven't read it yet, get over there right away, there's a ton of new information in it. Obviously, we've fallen a bit behind schedule again, but we still have a pretty clear goal ahead of us. Time is running out for a March release so I now expect to see the first playable colonization content to hit us in April.




There are now 3 packages proposed, each coming with a lot of features and once the third one is released we will finally be able to play the full game (well, all parts of the game, I expect eXode to be an ever-growing game). From there we'll move into Beta, have seasons with leaderboards and everything. I know I'm repeating myself on the topic but it will be glorious!

I've been using a lot longer than I initially expected. But since Project Blank did not get released yet, I'm still active there every day. I've made close to 0.3 BCH with the site so far and I could probably get to a full BCH within the year. With current valuation, that's about 500$ in a year just for posting some short messages every now and then. Pretty damn good and I have to say, I never expected the site to go off as much as it did. Makes me all the more hopeful for Project Blank. One day we really might be able to live from just writing and reading stuff in this wonderful ecosystem!


And that's all from me for today. Thank you all for reading and please let me know what you think of the new Play2Earn Report. Is this something you are interested in reading moving forward or should I just scrap it?

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