Rising Star just announced its single most important change - making it sustainable for years!

Rising Star just announced its single most important change - making it sustainable for years!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 22 Sep 2020

Man this week sure has some amazing news for blockchain gaming on Hive! First the release date announcement for Rabona and now this!

So we already knew about the Beta release date of Rising Star which is going to be November 1st. What we did not know about was the additional change announced to Rising Star effective immediately. I really did not see it coming and I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the single most important change to the game ever.


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Before I get into the details and implications of that change, let me give a small introduction for those of you that don't know the game itself.

Rising Star is an idle game running on the Hive blockchain. It's puts you in the shoes of a lowly busker with the aspiration to reach stardom some day. You start out by performing illegally in the streets or giving it your best on karaoke night. Eventually, you'll start to perform in bigger venues, form your own band and start touring the country.

All your band members, your instruments, but even your touring coach and your rehearsal room are represented by NFTs that can be traded freely with other players. Doing missions in the game awards you with Rising Star's very own token - Starbits. Starbits can be used to buy either booster packs containing random cards or to buy specific cards from the market. Staribts are also traded at Hive-Enginge and if you check the history, there are quite some trades going on every day.




Although the game is still in Alpha phase, it has been highly successful these last months and keeps growing at an enormous rate. This rapid growth did bring some problems with it though. More and more Starbits were introduced into the ecosystem everyday leading to an inflation in both NFTs minted and Starbits issued. A solution had to be found eventually and here is what Rising Star came up with:

Taken directly from the post.

When you reach 1000 fans you will gain ego for every mission. The amount of ego is related to your total fans but is the same for every mission regardless of length.
This introduces another level of strategy to the game and is in fitting with the way that too many fans inflate your ego. As always you can do music lessons to reduce your ego, buy cards with more skill than luck or put cards with more fans than skill on the market to create a balance.
We appreciate that this may be controversial to some but without this the game will not last. There are already accounts making over 100,000 STARBITS a day just doing Illegal Busking all day long.

So why is this such a huge change? Up until now, Rising Star had a very interesting early game with many different parameters to manage and viable options to consider. Once you had these things figured out, though, it all came down to simply managing your skill and fan levels, always having a little more skills than fans.

In effect, the best way to play the game was to constantly run 5 minute missions all day and do a skill mission at night. This way you could slowly build up fans and sell the rest of the Starbits that you did not need right away. I'm guilty of this myself, but ultimately, this was obviously not sustainable.

What this new system does is putting a tax of sorts on doing shorter missions. Every time you run a mission your ego will go up, permanently. So no matter if I do a 5 minute or a 300 minute mission, my Ego will increase by the same amount:




So of course, I can still keep running 5 minute mission indefinitely, but I will have to invest more time and Starbits to combat my ever growing ego if I choose to do so. This adds a new strategic level to the game and helps to make high level play a lot more interesting. It also makes it so, that you'll always will have to reinvest time and/or tokens back into the game to keep your income level. If you just run Starbit missions all the time, your earnings will slowly decline.

Obviously, this is only the first iteration and the actual numbers will need some tweaking until everything is working perfectly, but the basic concept is spot on in my opinion. This little change will help to make Rising Star sustainable indefinitely. Not only that, it also makes me a lot more confident to invest into the game as the looming threat of (hyper-)inflation should be all but defeated with these changes.

I'm sure not everybody will he happy with these changes right away as they will result in an immediate reduction in (Starbits-)earnings but I'd much rather keep playing this game for years to come than keep my earnings up for another month before all goes south!

That's all from me today, thank you all for reading and see you next time!


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