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My Dcity performance so far

By xawi | Crypto talks | 13 Oct 2020

Hello Dcitizens,

I hope everyone is doing fine in their city. I am doing exceptionally good. As I mentioned in my previous posts that I have stopped investing hive or other cryptos in dcity long ago. Now I am just investing the sim I earn on a daily basis. I used to get 170, 180 sims. And now I am getting 360 sim yaaay. That's all because every two days when I see I have enough sims to buy at least one card I just go ahead and buy. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes not. Today I purchased a card and I got Hospital. Before my city didn't have a Hospital. Now I have a hospital in my city. My city is getting close to the ideal city.

My city before purchasing a new card. 

My City before purchasing a new cardAs you can see in the above screenshot I had 7 unemployed people. Due to this -1 sim reduction. After purchasing a new card when I got a hospital number increased massively. 


cb243451463b469cb674ada605613421db204cdf9b65276c23851f0357c3f1b3.pngThe number increased and income reduces. to cover up this problem either I had to purchase cards which needed more workers Or I just sell them on the market. I don't want to invest anymore as I didn't have plenty of sims to buy new cards. I decided to sell my 6 immigrants.



I selected symbol BEER and put my 6 immigrants at 5 BEER each. I purposely placed my immigrants that expensive. I know no one will buy my immigrants so I will pull them off from the market when i need more workers for my city.

After putting them on the market my city is now looking fine.

3ed76ab6af1ed7e034740bc00223adf2969b9ffa1cfc58cc7bf4ba40ff58bd28.pngThis is how I am keeping balance my city without investing more. In other news, I hosted a splinter fest event in my city. The probability of getting SLDICE from the city splinterfest event is just 2%. But guess what I was super lucky and I got 2 SLDICE. I opened them and got gold foil Lorna yaaay.


I spent just 500 dec and got 2 SLDICE worth of 5400 DECs. Then the worth of these cards including Goldfoil Lorna Shine is 2120 Dec. Huge profit I am loving it. That's the most recent update of the city. see y'all later

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Crypto talks
Crypto talks

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