The future of crypto

Is crypto just a plaything for Elon and his dumb minions or is it the future?

This post is my views on cryptocurrency based on my understating and research. This post is in any way an investment idea. Do your research before you invest in crypto rather than blindly following someone's tweets.

The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride for the crypto market, it all started when someone - out of the blue, realized that bitcoin is bad for the environment.


Bitcoin and Ethereum fell over 10%, resulting in the rise in debate over the future of crypto.

The difference in opinion is evident when it comes to crypto. Many are optimistic and have a strong belief in the future of crypto, while some are just waiting for the big bubble to burst.

The future of cryptocurrency depends on its adaptation as a medium of exchange, we are already witnessing that adaptation, and it is likely to increase. It won't be a smooth ride ahead, we can expect wild swings again, but this is likely to decline as cryptocurrencies continue to see more mainstream adoptions. So if you ask me, I think crypto is the future.

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Crypto Douglas

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