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Good afternoon everyone, as the market seems to desperately search its way, I take advantage of this little quiet zone for a very short free speech and perspective about the blog in the following days/weeks. 


1. What's happening those days ?

2. What about the future ?

3. Anything else ?

What's happening those days ?

First of all, as I am taking a few days of vacation, you may have noticed that I haven't published new big articles since 3 days, last one being "BTCUSD - Very large market review" on the 11th of October. But, I am not really away from the market and I am still following and looking for any sign of change into this range movement. For those who're interested to have my point of view and short analysis, during the next two weeks I'll principally publish quick shots/advices on my free Telegram channel : Bless Patrick - Crypto Update (https://t.me/BlessPatrickCryptoUpdate). You'll find there all my latest thoughts even during holiday. Look at the following screenshot for example : 


I'm waiting for you there and will be really pleased to answer any of your comment/question on the chat related group !


What about the future ?

Until now I was principally concentrating my analysis on ETH, BTC, LTC and XRP. Those won't stop, I am just going to add more utility and security tokens. Mostly choice will be made on the strength of the fundamental analysis. Meaning, I'll try to chose coins that stand for more than just value exchange. Coins that represent a society/enterprise with great perspective. 

Please, again, come to my channel or comment the article if you have any request or ideas about any token


Anything else ?

Yeah sure ! After spending a few days to take a profound and fresh breathe up the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭🏔...


I am now working on my health in Portugal 🇵🇹 (west coast) with some jogging to come back to work fresher than ever in the following days...


Greetings to all of you and see you in my Telegram channel from now on 😉



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