The Future Of Science Is A MEME? I'm Going Bananos...

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BANANO is something I slipped over lately. I've been a fan of Nano for a long time - a crypto that's proving itself to be 'near-perfect' (but one people are still choosing to ignore or brush aside.) Nano transactions are instant, there are absolutely zero fees and it is completely decentralised. There's really not much else to say.

So when I heard of a potassium-filled meme back in 2018 that's just a fork of Nano, similar to how Dogecoin is a fork of Bitcoin, I really didn't feel the need to pursue anything further. At the time the market was flooded with garbage, and anything that resembled a joke was treated as such. It seemed memes would have no place in crypto and DOGE was just accepted as the lovely old canine that's always trucked along behind.

My opinion has definitely changed. Due to this years explosion and DOGE's spotlight specifically, I've had to be pretty active informing those new to crypto that it is NOT A GOOD IDEA TO INVEST IN IT.

However it has sprung that particular memory of a certain smooth smushy yellow fruit and I did some research: the Banano team is active and the community is a bustling forest of baboons.

But I'm not here to sell it to you. I'm here to tell you about something very specific, and if it's of interest, you could get involved and get a flavour blast of fruit for yourself. Also yes, I am using this opportunity to post as many pictures of cute dogs with bananas as I possibly can.


Deal with it.



There are a bunch of things that the Banano team is up to and I urge you to check it out on their website, but for now I'm going to tell you about a specific project that you could get involved in called Fold@Home. This is a little confusing and can put new users away so I'm here to give you as much detail - as non-jargony as I can.

A Contribution To Science With Memes?


A screenshot of the fold@home visualizer, showing my computer performing a "protein folding simulation."

Banano is a 'green' crypto, it 'literally grows on trees' as the community likes to say. This means there's no mining involved and the currency is 'freely distributed,' but does that mean you can't earn Banano in a mining fashion? Wrong, you can, and you don't need an OVERCLOCKING GTX MECH 4000 SONY MASTER POWER PC to do it.

Fold@home is a distributed computing project that's actually been around since the turn of the millennia so isn't necessarily new. Yeah, I know, "future of science" is a clickbait, then. You should be used to it by now!

What tickles our pickles then? Get to it.

Well, users complete work units of folding simulations, using their computer's CPU or GPU - just like basic crypto mining where your power goes towards solving a mathematical puzzle. The difference with this is you are providing scientific data along with hundreds of thousands of other users and excelling the rate of our understanding of a range of illnesses. Hundreds of papers so far have been published on the projects findings on Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and others. There's also currently an option to fold proteins related to Covid-19 research.

If you fold with the Banano team you will be paid direct to wallet crypto based on the work units you've completed. My computer isn't amazing by all means and I made a total of 24 Banano within two days of fold@home running in the background in my PC. My computer was perfectly useable the whole time, with the only noticeable inconvenience being extra noise from the fan in my tower...

Alternatively, I had to test it on an old Chromebook which can barely run Netflix... One work unit took six days. Yup. And that work unit ended up paying 4 Banano. It was practically a joke, but if you're in fortunate circumstances where electricity is covered and you have an old laptop or two lay around - why not help out?

Unfortunately, there's been a lot of trolls in the community since the end of February/start of March because of problems with delayed payments, but don't let these put you off. Send some love to the monkeys in the discord servers and show your support for the great cause. The extra potassium you get is a bonus - and let me tell you - once you get a taste you will grow an unfathomable amount of body-hair and are likely to suffer the severe side-effect of swinging through trees in your local park.


Anyways - Here's all the info you need and more...


Thanks for reading! It would be mean of me to leave without saying the absolute best thing about Banano. MONKEY BUSINESS CARDS! Get your own unique monkey and have some fun with crypto. We're all too damn serious!


Happy browsing, I hope all your pickles get tickled, if not by this post then by the other wonderful content on Publish0x!!


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