Top facts for receive more tips on Publish0x - my research

Top facts for receive more tips on Publish0x - my research

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 13 May 2020

hello again

I started to ask me why I give/receive a certain amount of tip for an article and which are the factors who influences it


so, I begun to note my tips and this parameters:

- date and time of voting,

- the date when the article was published

- the author (number of followers)

- number of thumbs up until my vote

- the amount of tip gained until my vote

- duration of the article

Day by day, I noted what was happening and this is my results for the first two weeks.

What you need to know: you can give 7 tips/day, maximum 2/author.

I tried different day times for voting, different time distances between votes, voting the same author two times in a row, etc and this are my results: and time of voting

The average tip value for the first 14 days (the total amount which is divided between writer and reader): 0.046 $/day

With the first two votes (24% from total possible tips) you will gain more than 50% from total amount of tips


The most important tips are (almost always) number 1 and 2 in order of voting.

The value of tips (the most important ones (1,2 and 3) seems to be bigger in the afternoon (between 12 AM and 7 PM - GMT) and less in the evening), but for vote no 5 and 6, the best period of voting is morning and then, evening.

In the next weeks I will try to make a balance between the time of voting, to have a fair number of each of them.

2. the date when the article was published

I tried to determine what importance has the moment when the article is published, if the recent ones gain more tips then the oldest


I can say there could be chances for bigger tips for voting at least 8 hours older articles than the new ones. The first article was voted only after half an hour after it was published and and the last one has more than 68 days..

For authors instead, it seems the articles published in the morning (GMT Time) could have better results.

3. the author (number of followers)

The next parameters looks for the influence of the number of followers vs the size of the tip. We will compare only the first vote (the biggest ones). I you want from me in the future to compare also the second or the third, just shout.


No, it seems it doesn't matter if you have 2k followers or only 39. This is a good thing for beginners.

4. number of thumbs up until my vote

I will try to determine of more appreciations will get bigger tips.


For sure, the number of thumbs up in the moment of my vote is not a certain way of getting bigger tips.

5. the amount of tip gained until my vote

Let's see if money is making more money:


Apparently not. Publish0x is for democracy: even the new ones could gain the same amount like the oldest ones. Of course, value/vote. If somebody has more followers, it would get more tips in time.

6. the length of the article

How the length of the article posted could influence the amount of tip?


Here could be an influence. Excepting the 4 min article who scored very low, the rest of longer articles gathered big tips. So, it could be a plus for authors. We will see in the next weeks when I will have more data.


The most important aspects are:

- the first two votes get the biggest tips from the whole 7. More than 50%. Also, in the next table you will see that the first 4 were sometimes decisive:


- better tips could be gathered in the afternoon (GMT Time).

- it doesn't matter how old is the article, but it seems it could get more tips after 8 hours since publishing

- for authors could be a better choice to publish in the morning (GMT Time)

- it doesn't matter the number of followers (i will continue to monitor this in case of some changes in Publish0x algorithm)

- also, the number of thumbs up or value gained until your tipping are not important

- the length of the article could have some influence. The longest ones have better chances to bigger tips.


P.S. if somebody doesn't like my article, please leave a message with the reason. It could be a way to improve myself. I will not be offended








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