Sign Into Websites Using Your Crypto Wallet Instead of a Password

Sign Into Websites Using Your Crypto Wallet Instead of a Password

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 23 May 2020

good news, everybody!

I was excited since I saw this announcement and I thought to myself what kind of approach should have for this kind of story, but the time passed and nothing brilliant came in my mind and then I figured that the simple things are the best.

So: what are you saying about not being necessary anymore to use or remember a password for logging into different services from websites?

Just remember you have to make online payments, log into your streaming providers, games, utility services, etc. Instead of filling every time a password, you will be able to receive a QR code which will allow to make the login possible.


Look what the Marty Bent podcaster said:

“No more remembering unique passwords for separate sites. No more creating unique email addresses for different services. No more having to worry about the site you are interacting with having your data stolen from them. Pure, self-sovereign control of your accounts across the Internet. No usernames, passwords, or identifying information other than the public key that is derived upon sign up.”

There are more solutions that I discovered:

1. LNURL protocol

2. MyDigiPassword - from digibyte development


4. WebAuthn

5. BitID

If the firts two seems to be more reliable, the last three has some flaws, like vulnerability of anti phishing attacks (for SQRL and BitID) or too complex (WebAuthn). The time will demonstrate which is the best.

In two words (rather minutes), this is how it works:



Let's see what LNURL people says about it:

The basic idea is that each wallet has a seed, which is a random value (you may think of the BIP39 seed words, for example). Usually from that seed different keys are derived, each of these yielding a Bitcoin address, and also from that same seed may come the keys used to generate and manage Lightning channels.

What lnurl-auth does is to generate a new key from that seed, and from that a new key for each service (identified by its domain) you try to authenticate with.

So, from the seed of your wallet will be generated different keys for your different websites you access, so nobody will now you are the same person using all of this services.

I hope this material was useful.

If not, please do a comment, it will help me to develop myself in the future

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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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