Potential huge gains from the most important events in June

Potential huge gains from the most important events in June

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 28 May 2020

I just received yesteraday this compilation of major events in June and I considered it could be useful for your trading strategy, maybe not for this projects because some of them already pumped hard, but for studying a pattern and use it for the next events.

what I observed for potential gains in price: Binance partneships (CELR, ERD, MATIC, BAND (now is more than 100% from the 0.78$ when I bought few days ago), etc) which has next mainnet events

you can pay attention now to BEAM, REP, NEO, STX, MTV.

Near this events we can add ETC for it's Phoenix hardfork, on block 10,500,839, estimated in June,3.



I will try to obtain the major events list for July, to be prepared for that.

So, good luck and DYOR.

Maybe our friend, @moon333 will make an analysis for ETC to see if there is a grow potential from technical analysis view.

This is not a financial advise, please make your own research.



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crypto sessions
crypto sessions

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