Best Crypto Telegram Channels/Groups that I follow
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Best Crypto Telegram Channels/Groups that I follow

By VNFC | crypto sessions | 8 May 2020

hello guys


now, that everybody is getting the Bitcoin halving fever and more and more people are asking about it and getting interested to invest in (remember the words: "buy the rumor, sell the news"), it is important to have some resources and places where we can discuss and find useful info about crypto: trading stuff, coins info, what exchanges are better to use, how to muy crypto with fiat, how to assure your funds, etc

Besides cryptonews websites, where you can find useful (or maybe too much) info (and could be overwhelming for a beginner), there are also different places where you can find info and talk also, about crypto, like Publish0x, Medium, Reddit, Bitcointalk or Telegram messenger.

The latest one has two important features: Channels and Groups. The Channel is only a one direction for communicate, it means, you could only receive notifications about some subjects from the owner of the channel and are better for following important things to be sure it will not be passed by because of the many lines of dialog, like in the Groups mode, where everybody could write and if there are more than 100 active users, you can easily see few hundreds lines in short time.

So, I made a short description of my Telegram selection Channels and Groups. There were more, but I filtered in time. I will mention only english spoken groups, because are easier to follow for most of us:

Telegram Channels

1. whalebotalerts - you will receive here important info about big moving of money in crypto (in (minting-generating new coins), transfer from one chain to other, out (burning coins)). If you want to know what implications could have this for prices, you can read How to know easily when BTC will grow

2. unfolded - a channel for "latest crypto news & market insights", how they describe themselves. A channel with more than 10 kmembers

3. crypto revolution market - a channel for analysis of news, market insights, T.A. and charts. Soon, they will offer Education Content also

4. crypto vigilante - some news, especially about the black side of crypto: scammers and unfair movements in the market

5. elisa's charts - Technical Analysis channel

6. space port - Technical Analysis and some news and crypto content

7. the bullish kid -Technical Analysis, crypto comments

8. ricky's fundamentals - Fundamental Analysis channel

9. crypto trader library - the Educational channel. Like they say: 

CryptoTraderLibrary [CTL] is a 100% Educational Channel

We Help CryptoTraders and Investors understand how market work by providing Free Adequate Resources on Psychology Of trading, Chart Patterns,TA indicators, Ichimoku,Trading Guide

Telegram Groups

1. crypto vigilante network - chats about Fundamental and Technical Analysis, scammers, news, etc

2. crypto briefing supporters - for Crypto Briefing Website chat and sharing ideas / thoughts / questions

3. crypto rhythms indicators and trading platform - crypto trading group, technical analysis, news


Of course, I have more groups in other languages, but is important to not break apart following too many sources because it will eat your time. Just pick few after you filter some.

If you have more suggestions with Telegram groups and channels, not about a specific coin or paid groups, shout.

I will verify and add them to my list if are a reliable source for us.



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crypto sessions
crypto sessions

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