Revenue Analysis on Coinchat Game Coin (CCG)

By msimyunn | crypto saving | 20 Sep 2019

What is Coinchat Game Coin (CCG)?

This coin is a native coin for coinchat app, in which it can be obtain by mining (playing on in-app game), by trading on coinchat, or by being drop on the messaging channel or group. By holding CCG on one's account, users can earn revenue on the in-app game earnings, calculated in proportion to the total available CCG.


The Charts

In recent months, I have traded on coinchat in aim to accumulate CCG coin. Below are the screen shots I took from spreedsheet I made, the initial deposit is purposely small amount and made only once for the purpose of this study. At first, the coins used to buy CCG are coming from the coin drops (red envelops) I've earned. The data on analysis and mined coins are taken on Sept. 20, 2019.








On the analysis, it can be seen that I have earned an 84.11% unrealized gains based on my holdings. And 23.65% gains from game mining incomes. Of course, if I had magnified my investment on this study we will be seeing big bucks here.

Lastly, the CCG Trade Price Trend on both CCG/USDT and CCG/ETH pairs in which trades are made.





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