Publish0x vs Steemit

Publish0x vs Steemit

By Turtle_Girl | Crypto Resistance | 2 Apr 2019

Cryptocurrency space has seen many projects related to content creation but only few survived as the best among all , so without any further delay let's get started


Steemit is been around for quite some time and has captured the attention of content creators but many people failed to do much on platform , it's because the distribution of steem based upon the Monopoly system like who has most number of steem power in his or her account would get maximum reward, in simple words you need considerable amount of steem in your Steemit account in order to receive maximum reward.
Secondly sign up takes around 1 week and to get a steem account instantly you have to pay for it.
Third thing that makes Steemit less favorite is it's hard to get rewarded for your time on Steemit.
Fourth is there have been seen some censorship on steem blockchain , few months ago a user on upload a 9/11 archives documents and his account was deleted so it's safe to say steem blockchain is not fully decentralized.
Fifth you have to wait for 7 days to receive a reward in your Steemit account.



Now jump to the brand new Publish0x , for now it's a simple platform where you can upload contents and receive reward in bounty0x tokens , unlike the Steemit Publish0x give you a reward instantly the more people would see your post and give you a tip the more you will rewarded so it's a monopoly free system although it has minimum withdraw limit of around 156 tokens which is I guess is fair.
Publish0x doesn't censor contents until it's not original and copied which is a great way to fight copied contents.
Steemit take more time to upload stuff but on Publish0x content publishing is super fast and easy.
I believe Publish0x is better than Steemit and I've no doubt that it's a hidden gem , earning tokens unlike Steemit is fast and easy.

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Crypto Resistance
Crypto Resistance

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